ZiF Workshops 2005

January 6 - 8 Anxiety, Seizure and Dissociation
  Final TF-Conference
  Jörg Bergmann (Bielefeld), Elisabeth Gülich (Bielefeld), Martin Schöndienst (Bielefeld)
January 12 - 15 Embodied Communication in Humans and Machines: A Research Agenda
  Preparatory RG-Conference
  Ipke Wachsmuth (Bielefeld), Günther Knoblich (Newark)
January 17 - 22 Endophysics, Time, Quantum and the Subjective
  Metod Saniga (Tatranská Lomnica/Slovakia), Rosolino Buccheri(Palermo/Italy), Avshalom Elitzur (Ramat-Gan/Israel)
February 1 - 3 Socio-Economic Modelling
  Demographics, Education, Employment Market (Final TF-Conference)
Joachim Frohn (Bielefeld), Bernd Meyer (Osnabrück), Carsten Stahmer (Wiesbaden)
February 21 - 23 Intercultural Dimensions of the Multimedia Classroom
  Uta von Reinersdorff (Bielefeld), Peter Freese (Paderborn)
February 28 - March 2 Res Publica and Democracy
  Cicero's Significance for the Modern Understanding of State
Emanuel Richter (Aachen), Helmut König (Aachen), Rüdiger Voigt (München)
March 15 - 16 Facets of Love
  Hans J. Markowitsch (Bielefeld), Birgitt Röttger-Rössler (Bielefeld)
April 4 - 9 Stochastic Partial Differential Equation and Random Media
  From Theory to Applications I (Opening RG-Conference)
Friedrich Götze (Bielefeld), Yuri Kondratiev (Bielefeld), Michael Röckner (Bielefeld)
April 20 - 22 Research in the Headlines
  Bio-Medicine and Reproduction-Technologies in the Media
  Peter Weingart (Bielefeld), Simone Rödder (Bielefeld), Christian Salzmann (Bielefeld), Stefan Wörmann (Bielefeld)
May 11 - 14 Imaging NanoSpace
  Alfred Nordmann (Darmstadt), Jochen Hennig (Berlin), Horst Bredekamp (Berlin)
May 17 - 20 Copyright & Art
  Aesthetical, Legal, Ontological, and Political Issues
Reinold Schmücker (Berlin/Greifswald), Eberhart Ortland (Berlin)
June 1 - 3 Max Weber's Fundamental Terms
  Categories of Research in Cultural and Social Sciences
Klaus Lichtblau (Wuppertal)
June 16 - 18 The Turning Points of Environmental History
  Joachim Radkau (Bielefeld), Christof Mauch (Washington), Frank Uekötter (Bielefeld)
June 30 - July 2 Agent-Based Models for Economic Policy Design
  Herbert Dawid (Bielefeld)
July 7 - 9 Normativities: Law, Science, and 'Society'
  Alfons Bora (Bielefeld), R. Alain Pottage (London)
July 14 - 16 Normativity
  Rüdiger Bittner (Bielefeld)
September 1 - 3 Emotions as Bio-Cultural Processes
Concluding RG-Conference
  Birgitt Röttger-Rössler (Bielefeld), Hans J. Markowitsch (Bielefeld)
September 12 - 15 Stochastic Partial Differential Equation and Random Media
  From Theory to Applications II (Concluding RG-Conference)
Friedrich Götze (Bielefeld), Yuri Kondratiev (Bielefeld), Michael Röckner (Bielefeld)
September 21 - 22 "...because he is a danger to the general public."
  Stephan Barton (Bielefeld), Uwe Jürgens (Bielefeld)
September 26 - 28 Gradients in Drylands
  Linking Pattern and Processes and their Consequences for Biodiversity
  Christian Wissel (Leipzig), Maik Veste (Hamburg), Siegmar-W. Breckle (Bielefeld)
October 5 - 8 Embodied Communication I
  Ipke Wachsmuth (Bielefeld), Günther Knoblich (Newark)
October 13 - 15 Facing Works of Art
Interdisciplinary Aspects of Talking and Writing About Art
Heiko Hausendorf (Bayreuth)
October 20 - 22 The Literary Field - A World of its own?
  Interdependencies, Internal Differences and Internationalization
  Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey (Bielefeld)
November 2 - 5 ImagiNations
Documentaries and the Narration of Nation in the Americas
Sebastian Thies (Bielefeld), Josef Raab (Duisburg)
November 17 - 19 Shift of Paradigms in German Immigration Policy?
Ulrike Davy (Bielefeld), Albrecht Weber (Osnabrück)
December 15 - 17 A New Spirit of Capitalism?
Paradoxa and Ambiguities of the Network Economy
Philipp Hessinger (Magdeburg), Gabriele Wagner (Bielefeld)