ZiF Workshops 2007

January 24 - 26 Emergence, Reduction and the Explanation of Complex Structures
Jens Greve (Bielefeld), Annette Schnabel (Bielefeld)
January 31 - Literary Anti-Semitism After Auschwitz?
February 2 Klaus-Michael Bogdal (Bielefeld), Klaus Holz (Villigst), Matthias N. Lorenz (Bielefeld)
February 7 - 9 Development of the European Constitution in the Inter-War Years
Christoph Gusy (Bielefeld), Hans Boldt (Müllheim), Andreas Wirsching (Augsburg)
February 15 - 17 Mathematical Stability Analysis in Biomechanics and Robotics
Peter Giesl (München), Heiko Wagner (Münster)
February 28 - Characters in Fictional Worlds: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
March 2 Ralf Schneider (Bielefeld), Jens Eder (Hamburg), Fotis Jannidis (Darmstadt)
March 28 - 30 Cybernetic Order and Contingency in the Arts
Hans Esselborn (Köln)
April 19 - 21 Fatherhood in Late Modernity. Cultural Images, Social Practices, Structural Frames
Ursula Müller (Bielefeld), Mechtild Oechsle (Bielefeld)
April 25 - 27 The guest in the modern age. Types and forms of narrated hospitality
Rolf Parr (Bielefeld), Peter Friedrich (Bielefeld), Alexander Honold (Basel)
May 23 - 24 History of Scientific Policy Advice
Mitchell Ash (Wien)
May 31 - Transnational Migration and Development
June 1 Thomas Faist (Bielefeld)
June 14 - 16 Frontiers in Perturbative Quantum Field Theory
York Schröder (Bielefeld), Reinhart Kögerler (Bielefeld), Mikko Laine (Bielefeld)
June 20 - 22 Kolonialherrschaft und Schriftkultur. Sprach- und Kulturkontakt in kolonialen Diskurstraditionen der Amerikas
Barbara Job (Bielefeld), Sebastian Thies (Bielefeld), Rosa Yañes Rosales (Bielefeld)
June 25 - 27 Redox Signal Integration: From Stimulus to Networks and Genes
Karl-Josef Dietz (Bielefeld)
July 16 - 19 The Ethos of Religious Peace Builders
Heinrich Schäfer (Bielefeld), Heinz Streib (Bielefeld)
July 26 - 28 Nonlinear Economic Dynamics (NED07): Global Stability, Basins of Attraction and Path Dependency
Herbert Dawid (Bielefeld), Michael Kopel (Wien)
September 27 - 29 Science in the Context of Application: Methodological Change, Conceptual Transformation, Cultural Reorientation (ZiF Research Group Workshop)
Martin Carrier (Bielefeld), Wolfgang Krohn (Bielefeld), Alfred Nordmann (Darmstadt), Gregor Schiemann (Wuppertal), Peter Weingart (Bielefeld)
October 17 - 20 Control of Violence (ZiF Research Group Workshop)
Wilhelm Heitmeyer (Bielefeld), Heinz-Gerhard Haupt (Bielefeld)
November 15 - 17 Bauhaus Modernism and its Myths
Anja Baumhoff (Loughborough), Magdalena Droste (Cottbus)
November 22 - 24 Author's Colloquium with Walter Burkert
Wolfgang Braungart (Bielefeld), Anton Bierl (Basel)
December 6 - 7 Truth and Violence. The Discourse of Torture
Thomas Weitin (Konstanz)