Center for Interdisziplinary Research

EthniCities: Metropolitan Cultures and Ethnic Identities in the Americas


Martin Butler/Jens Gurr: Semiotic Cityscapes: Cultural Spaces, Tactics of Communication and Ethnicity in 21st Urban Environments
Keynote Lecture Rüdiger Kunow: City of Germs: Biological Identities and Ethnic Cultures in the Metropolis
Panel I: Ethnic Urban Imaginaries
Cerstin Bauer-Funke: "La Plaza de las Tres Culturas" in Mexico City as a Point of Crystallization for Urban Ethnic Identities
Arvi Sepp: Appropriating the City: Urban Aesthetics, Violence and Race in Computer Games
Shop Talk and Film Screening with Gregory Coyes
Excerpts from the Series The Mix (Gregory Coyes, Native Networks, Canada 2008)
Panel II: Ethnicity and the Transformation of Urban Systems
Walter Alejandro Imilan: Etnicidad urbana difusa. El caso de los Mapuche en Santiago de Chile
Axel Borsdorf: Peruvian Immigrants in the City Center of Santiago de Chile
Jens Südekum: The Effects of Cultural Diversity on Regional Labor Markets in Germany
Panel III: Ethnic Agency in Metropolitan Areas
Paolo Barrera: Metropolitan Cultures and Religious Identities in the Urban Periphery of Sao Paolo
Sofia Mendoza: Significations and Appropriations: Barrios, Ethnicity and Water in Guadalajara
Panel IV: Ethnic Cultural Appropriations of Urban Spaces
Rainer Winter, Sebastian Nestler: Conflicting Identities in Urban Spaces: Empowering of the Marginalized by Tactical Appropriation of the City
Alexandra Ganser, Karin Höpker: The Propitious Moment: Navigating the Ethnic Other in the Urban Geographies of Scorsese's Mean Streets and Jarmusch's Night on Earth
Panel V: Constructing Ethnic Identities in Urban Art
Eva Marsch: The Construction of Ethnic Identities in Street Art
Marc Rodriguez: USLatino Cityscapes: A Consideration of Art, History, and Migration in the Mexican and Tejano Urban Midwest
Keynote Lecture
Larry Herzog: Globalization, Latino Culture and Transnational Place Identity along the U.S.Mexico Border
Panel VI: Global Cultural City
Stefan Lanz: On the Move: Globalizing SubCultures in Rio de Janeiro's Favela
Olaf Kaltmeier: Historical City Centers in Globalization Processes: Heritage, Urban Renewal and Postcolonial Memories
Christoph Marx: Globalizing Cities


Cerstin Bauer-Funke (Duisburg-Essen), Axel Borsdorf (Innsbruck), Gregory Coyes (North Vancouver), Alexandra Ganser (Erlangen), Cornelia Giebeler (Bielefeld), Stephan Gramley (Bielefeld), Astrid Haas (Bielefeld), Lawrence Herzog (San Diego, CA), Karin Höpker (Erlangen), Walter Alejandro Imilan (Berlin), Henry Keazor (Saarbrücken), Rüdiger Kunow (Potsdam), Stefan Lanz (Frankfurt (Oder)), Eva Marsch (Duisburg-Essen), Christoph Marx (Duisburg-Essen), Sofia Mendoza Bohne (Bielefeld), Sebastian Nestler (Klagenfurt), Peter Noller (Darmstadt), Daniela Opitz (Bielefeld), Alicia Ortega (Quito), Paulo Barrera Rivera (S?o Paulo), Marc S. Rodriguez (Notre Dame, IN), Arvi Sepp (Antwerpen), Jens Südekum (Duisburg-Essen), Rainer Winter (Klagenfurt)

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