Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Functioning and Failure of Adaptive Biological Networks


Alain Franc: How to characterize a graph for a better understanding of the dynamics of processes living on it
Sven Van Segbroeck: Evolution of cooperation in self-organizing populations
Gerd Zschaler: Homoclinic bifurcation and full cooperation in the snowdrift game on an adaptive network
David Wales: Energy landscapes and dynamics of biomolecules
Reik Donner: Structural and functional self-organization of transportation networks: Linking biology and traffic sciences
Franziska Hoffgaard, Philipp Weil: Coevolutionary networks: signals from bacteria
Mark Fricker: Transport efficiency and resilience in mycelial networks
Thimo Rohlf: Artificial genomes as models of evolving gene regulatory networks
Chris Meisel: Self-organized criticality in a model of adaptive neural networks
Anna Martius: Self-organized criticality by activity-dependent synapses
Richard Bonneau: Learning dynamical regulatory networks from genomics data
Matteo Marsili: How relevant are features for network structure?
Anne-Ly Do: Patterns of cooperation
Barbara Drossel: Response of Boolean networks to noise
Petter Holme: Optimal simple graph representation of biochemical networks


Christine Becker (Darmstadt), Richard Bonneau (New York, NY), Anne-Ly Do (Dresden), Reik Donner (Dresden), Barbara Drossel (Darmstadt), Alain Franc (Cestas), Mark Fricker (Oxford, UK), Michael Goesele (Darmstadt), Franziska Hoffgaard (Darmstadt), Petter Holme (Stockholm), Sabine Knorr (Darmstadt), Matteo Marsili (Triest), Anna Martius (Göttingen), Christian Meisel (Dresden), Thimo Rohlf (Evry), Sven Van Segbroeck (Brüssel), Agnes Szejka (Darmstadt), David Wales (Cambridge, UK), Philipp Weil (Darmstadt), Gerd Zschaler (Dresden)

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