Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Communication with Initial Mild Hearing Loss in Denmark, Finland, Germany, and the USA.
A Comparative Study of Interaction at the Workplace, in Private Settings and with Hearing Health Providers

Date: July 29 - August 1, 2009

Leitung: Maria Egbert (Sønderborg), Elizabeth Keating (Austin)

It is estimated that hearing loss affects about 20% of adults still in the labor market. For this condition there is no cure but the proper use of a well-fitted hearing aid will greatly improve hearing. Despite availability of highly advanced hearing aids, less than 20% use a hearing aid, probably due to societal, interactional, audiological and individual factors such as stigma, lack of information and difficulties in hearing aid fitting. We will video-tape authentic interaction in audiology contexts (diagnosis, ear doctor exam, hearing aid fitting), in an expert-notice mentor system, at the workplace, at home and in other personal settings in order to find out how the interaction is impacted by mild hearing loss and the use of a hearing aid. The empirical results will be used to innovate in hearing aid technology, hearing aid fitting, training of audiologists, information material for persons with hearing loss and persons in their social contexts, and the general public.

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