Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Complexity, Mathematics and Socio-Economic Problems

Date: September 1 - 11, 2009

Organizers: Tanya Araújo (Lissabon), Ludwig Streit (Bielefeld / Funchal), Ruí Vilela Mendes (Lissabon)

Modelling and understanding socio-economic problems is a gigantic job and each time around one has to concentrate on a specific set of problems. By bringing mathematicians and social scientists to work together, the extended workshop at ZiF contributed to reinforce the establishment of a common understanding of very important topics (listed below) and to bring down the terminology barrier that hinders the flow of information from theoretical results to practical applications. Each of the participants was asked for a statement about the status and possible future developments of, at least, one of the following topics.

The perspectives for future research on these topics coming out from this meeting are the main benefits that resulted from the workshop. Certainly other topics of discussion arose naturally in this environment, but the main focus was maintained for the sake of having the chance of achieving meaningful results. In the workshop, there were two different periods. In the first week we organized a set of presentations by the participants, while the second week was dedicated to working sections and development of collaborative work. The interest of the proponents to work in such an interdisciplinary spirit was very much enhanced by their participation in the 2000-2001 ZiF research year The Sciences of Complexity—From Mathematics to Technology to a Sustainable World. In fact it may be stated that this workshop as well as the many other collaborations that were carried out after 2001 are real spin-offs of the ZiF research year.


Marcel Ausloos (Lüttich), Sven Banisch (Veitshöchheim), Philippe Blanchard (Bielefeld), Éric Brian (Paris), José M. Castro Caldas (Coimbra), Herbert Dawid (Bielefeld), Frederik Herzberg (Bielefeld), Yuri Kondratiev (Bielefeld), Ricardo Lima (Marseille), Rosario Nunzio Mantegna (Palermo), Luigi Marengo (Pisa), Samuel R. Martins Eleutério (Lissabon), Rafael Marques (Lissabon), Luigi Orsenigo (Brescia), Michael Pichler (Bielefeld), Frank Riedel (Bielefeld), Michael Röckner (Bielefeld), Frank Schweitzer (Zürich), Walter Trockel (Bielefeld), Dima Volchenkov (Bielefeld), Gérard Weisbuch (Paris)

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