Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Evaluating R & D Collaboration Networks in Europe

Date: October 20 - 23, 2009

Organizers: Philippe Blanchard (Bielefeld), Josef Fröhlich (Wien), Ludwig Streit (Bielefeld / Funchal), Mattias Weber (Wien)

One of the key elements of the knowledge-based economy is the growing need for organisations to cooperate actively and purposefully with each other in order to cope with increasing market pressures in a globalising world, liberalisation of markets, new technologies and changing patterns of demand. In particular when it comes to knowledge creation, cooperation is crucial. The European Framwork Programmes (FPs) are the main instrument to support collaborative R&D networks in the EU, fostering European competitiveness. Despite the economic importance of the FPs, it is only in recent years that studies of European R&D networks have begun. This workshop brought together an interdisciplinary group of researchers that have explored collaborative R&D networks in Europe using approaches from social network analysis, statistical physics and econometrics. The focus was on the one hand on discussing novel theoretical considerations concerning the modeling and simulation of such networks, and on the other hand on evaluating recent results of various empirical analyses of FP networks and specifically on policy implications and governance of the future FPs. The conference contributed considerably to a deeper understanding of the interplay between governance rules, network structure and network performance in European R&D networks.


Michael Barber (Wien), Georgios Chorafakis (Brüssel), Robin Cowan (Maastricht), Herbert Dawid (Bielefeld), Sascha Delitzscher (Bielefeld), Barbara Heller-Schuhl (Wien), Luisa Henriques (Sevilla), Jarno Hoekman (Utrecht), Nicolas Jonard (Luxemburg), Manuela Korber (Wien), Andreas Krüger (Bielefeld), Tyll Krüger (Bielefeld), José Fernando Mendes (Aveiro), Terhi Nokkala (Surrey), Manfred Paier (Wien), Alois Panholzer (Wien), Lorenzo Pirelli (Dublin), Andreas Pyka (Stuttgart), Bulat Sanditov (Maastricht), Thomas Scherngell (Wien), Ramon Scholz (Bremen), Rainer Siegmund-Schultze (Bielefeld), Oleg Strogan (Funchal), Giuseppe Veltri (Sevilla), Dimitry Volchenkov (Bielefeld), Nicholas S. Vonortas (Washington, DC)

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