Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Knowledge and Performance in the Perception of Objects and Living Beings

Date: October 29 - 31, 2009

Organizers: Albert Newen (Bochum), Gary Bente (Köln), Ulrike Pompe (Bochum), Kai Vogeley (Köln)

What constitutes the perception of objects and persons? The philosophical accounts of perception and cognition have undergone a critical transformation in recent debates. Perception is no longer thought to be a pure ‘input mechanism’ enabling the mind to make rational judgments on the nature of things. Rather, its integral relation to action and higher cognition has become the focus of investigation, keeping pace with new developments in cognition research. The conference aims to clarify the mutual relations between perceptual experience, prior knowledge, and action capacities. The philosophical and empirical debate includes the following questions: (i) What is the role of concepts, embodiment and consciousness in perception? (ii) What is constitutive for the perception and representation of persons (social gaze, gesture, body posture)? (iii) How is our knowledge of persons and our memory organized? The answers are part of a new paradigm of research on perception and cognition.


Dana H. Ballard (Austin, TX), Moshe Bar (Charlestown, MA), Olle Blomberg (Edinburgh), Anne-Sophie Brüggen (Tübingen), Axel Cleeremans (Brüssel), Andreas K. Engel (Hamburg), Anika Fiebich (Bochum), Jörg Fingerhut (Berlin), Frank Hofmann (Tübingen), Eva-Maria Jung (Bochum), Benedikt Kahmen (Paderborn), Bert Karcher (Bielefeld), Hans Kolbe (Cuxhaven), Ingeborg Kolbe (Cuxhaven), Hemdat Lerman (Coventry), Elizabeth Pachérie (Paris), Stephen Palmer (Berkeley, CA), Louise S. Röska-Hardy (Witten), Tobias Schlicht (Tübingen), Susanna Siegel (Cambridge, MA), Tobias Starzak (Bochum), Anna Strasser (Berlin), Knut Thomsen (Villingen), Adam Toon (Bielefeld), Tomoo Ueda (Bochum), Oliver T. Wolf (Bochum)

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