Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Law and Aesthetics

Date: February 11 - 13, 2013

Convenor: Jörn Reinhardt (Hamburg, GER)

Aim of the conference was to clarify the aesthetic dimension of law and the relevance of aesthetic theory for jurisprudence. The discussion was based on papers written by an interdisciplinary round of participants from law, aesthetics, and literature. The papers examined the following themes: the form/content-distinction, the making and representation of the law, the relation of legal and aesthetic judgements, the role of imagination in legal and political contexts. A final panel discussion explored the possibilities and limits of research in this field.


Andreas von Arnauld (Münster, GER), Johanna Bergann (Weimar, GER), Bertram Keller (Rostock, GER), Christian Klein (Wuppertal, GER), Sigrid G. Köhler (Münster, GER), Joachim Lege (Greifswald, GER), Stefan Martini (Münster, GER), Christoph Menke (Frankfurt am Main, GER), Francesca Raimondi (Frankfurt am Main, GER), Eva Schürmann (Magdeburg, GER), Ludger Schwarte (Düsseldorf, GER), Fabian Steinhauer (Weimar, GER), Lukas Werner (Wuppertal, GER), Tim Wihl (Berlin, GER)

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