ZiF Workshop

Laureate's Colloquium with Pierre Rosanvallon
Pierre Rosanvallon's Interdisciplinary Political Theory

Date: 15. November 2016
Convenor: Oliver Flügel-Martinsen (Bielefeld, GER)

On the occasion of the awarding of the Bielefeld Scientific Award 2016 to Professor Rosanvallon a colloquium was organised at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research. Rosanvallon (born in 1948), Professor of History at the Collège de France (Paris), situates his research, as the intense debates with the author emphatically proved, beyond usual distinctions between different scientific disciplines. His reflections on urgent political challenges like the consequences of inequality on the conditions of democratic self-government or recent tendencies within Western democracies to transfer decision-making authority from parliaments to governments equally embrace different disciplines like political science, history, sociology or philosophy. The different dimensions of Pierre Rosanvallon?s interdisciplinary political thought were addressed in four presentations dealing with conceptual dimensions of his thought and shifts in the development of his work (Wim Weymans) as well as with political topics like the crisis of republicanism (Daniel Schulz) or the role of political parties (Felix Heidenreich).

Martin Bauer (Hamburg, GER), Paula Diehl (Berlin, GER), Michael Dormal (Trier, GER), Angelika Epple (Bielefeld, GER), Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey (Bielefeld, GER), Dieter Grimm (Berlin, GER), Felix Heidenreich (Stuttgart, GER), Anna Hollendung (Bremen, GER), Dirk Jörke (Darmstadt, GER), Wolfgang Knöbl (Hamburg, GER), Franziska Martinsen (Hannover, GER), Lutz Raphael (Trier, GER), Emanuel Richter (Aachen, GER), Pierre Rosanvallon (Paris, FRA), Rainer Schmalz-Bruns (Hannover, GER), Daniel Schulz (München, GER), Willibald Steinmetz (Bielefeld, GER), Andreas Vasilache (Bielefeld, GER), Thomas Welskopp (Bielefeld, GER), Fabian Wendt (Bielefeld, GER), Wim Weymans (Leuven, BEL), Véronique Zanetti (Bielefeld, GER)