ZiF Workshop

Hostile Emotions: Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives

Date: 28 – 30 March 2019
Convenor: Thiemo Breyer (Köln, GER)

The scientific, social, and political interest in emotions has increased considerably in recent years and seems unbroken to this day. Figures and figurations of political affectivity such as Wutbürger or Zornpolitik occupy the minds. Especially those feelings that seem to favour hostile behaviour, exclusion, and defamation are at issue here. The conceptual and empirical nature of what connects such feelings and distinguishes them from other psychological phenomena has so far not been sufficiently clarified. Under the heuristic collective term "hostile emotions" the workshop approaches this group of emotions in order to formulate the conceptual framework for a philosophical penetration of their phenomenology as well as for an investigation of their underlying psychological processes. By means of thematic sections on antipathy, ressentiment, envy, disgust, hatred, and contempt, the basic structures and inner contexts of these emotions, which are highly relevant for social coexistence, will be discussed in depth in an interdisciplinary manner. After introducing each emotion with specialised talks (one from philosophy and one from psychology), joint reflections along general guiding questions will allow to elaborate the precise relations between them. Thereby, we take advantage of the combination of first-person and third-person methodologies from phenomenology and experimental research.

Conference Programme

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