ZiF Workshop

Educational Measures against Antisemitism facing new Challenges

Date: 5 - 7 September 2019
Convenors: Marc Grimm (Bielefeld, GER), Matthias J. Becker (Potsdam, GER)

The rise of a new virulent antisemitism, which can be observed in Germany as well, poses new challenges to pedagogy. The practice of antisemitism-critical educational programmes is strongly shaped by national contexts and an international lege artis does not exist. In Germany, antisemitism-critical education has become a distinct field of school and extracurricular work. In the light of recent trends towards societal polarisation and disintegration in Western societies, the critical examination of existing approaches is just as important as the discussion of the challenges for pedagogical practice posed by the refugee movement and the expansion of right-wing discourses. The practitioners and academics gathered in the ZiF-Workshop will address these issues and their complex interrelations. In particular, the workshop will focus on current good-practice experiences, effectiveness and challenges for the effectiveness assessment of existing programs, international and national comparisons of programmes and their institutional integration, the optimisation of theory-practice transfer, as well as neglected themes such as digital social work.

Conference Programme

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