ZiF Workshop

With a little help from — whom?
The situated and organisational practices of 'helping'

Date: 7 – 8 November 2019
Convenors: Daniela Böhringer (Osnabrück, GER), Sarah Hitzler (Bielefeld, GER), Martina Richter (Essen, GER)

Helping has become institutionalised in numerous ways in modern welfare states. While a number of academic disciplines centrally and routinely draw on terms such as help, aid, or support, to date the underlying concept has not been systematically investigated. In order to initiate a process of theorising, researchers who have done qualitative empirical research on help/support in disciplines such as psychology, social work or ethnology convened at the ZiF, using their studies to gain a shared understanding of what people do when they are 'doing helping'. Situated helping action proved to be a point where individual needs and organisational or institutional preconditions are actively brought into interplay by the actors. Other social contexts such as role conflicts, expectations of reciprocity or competing goals in the interaction are relevant for successfully accomplishing help.

Daniela Böhringer, Sarah Hitzler, Martina Richter

Conference Programme

Priska Cimbal (Bielefeld, GER), Anamaria Depner (Heidelberg, GER), Laura Gozzer (München, GER), Eva-Maria Graf (Klagenfurt, AUT), Ralf Hoburg (Hannover, GER), Sylvia Kühne (Essen, GER), Barbara Lochner (Fulda, GER), Johannes Moser (München, GER), Cornelia Rüegger (Olten, SUI), Claudio Scarvaglieri (Gent, BEL), Christina Schlepper (Essen, GER), Oliver Schmidtke (Siegburg, GER), Wyke Stommel (Nijmegen, NED), Jan Wehrheim (Essen, GER)

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