ZiF Workshop

Social Structure and cross-national Homicide Rates:
Poverty, Income Inequality, and beyond

Date: 28 – 29 April 2020 - postponed to 3 - 4 November 2021
Convenors: Wilhelm Heitmeyer (Bielefeld, GER), Steven F. Messner (Albany, USA)

Research on the social structural determinants of national homicide rates has been one of the more vibrant fields of macro-criminology over the course of approximately the past fifty years. The literature review shows an impressive volume of research on poverty, income inequality, and cross-national homicide rates accumulated over the course of recent decades. At the same time, the results are inconsistent with respect to the independent associations of indicators of income inequality and poverty.

The conference will recruit leading scholars to address the methodological and theoretical challenges, thereby helping to chart a path of fruitful research in the future.

Conference Programme

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