ZiF Workshop

Scenarios – techniques and practices for doubling reality

Date: 27 – 30 May 2020 - postponed
Convenor: Matthias Schaffrick (Siegen, GER)

Scenarios are popular techniques of theory building and development within various disciplines. There is, however, a remarkable lack of interdisciplinary research on scenarios, although the ongoing debate about scenarios across politics, science, and society seems to require such an interdisciplinary approach. The workshop investigates concepts and methods of scenarioing as techniques and practices for 'doubling- reality'. Scenarios offer insights into the epistemological assumptions and social self-descriptions implied by the imagination of disasters, escalations of conflicts, future worlds etc. Thus the workshop aims at an interdisciplinary approach to scenarioing and seeks to analyse concrete – literary, scientific, political, historical ? scenarios from an interdisciplinary point of view considering particularly four aspects: ontological status, plot, practices of scenarioing, social self-description.

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