ZiF Workshop

Human-Robot Interaction in Real-world Settings
Towards a Methodology that Allows for Comparative HRI Research 'in the Wild'

Date: 2 – 6 June 2020 - postponed to 7. - 11 June 2021
Convenor: Florian Muhle (Bielefeld, GER)

The interdisciplinary research field of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) seeks to understand and shape the interactions between humans and robots. To achieve this goal, HRI researchers draw on existing knowledge about human sociality and empirical methods, which mainly stem from psychology and cognitive science and are based on artificial laboratory experiments under controlled conditions. While there is no question that this allows for gaining insights into specific problems of HRI, at the same time it remains unclear, to which extend the results of experimental studies really help to design robots that can successfully interact in 'messy' real-world settings. Against this background, the workshop aims at bringing together researchers, who work with methodical approaches that do not limit their focus on countable aspects of interaction, but instead consider with naturally occurring interactions. The goal of the workshop is to (1) foster the discussion between them, (2) establishing cooperation, (3) increasing the visibility of their methodical approaches within HRI, and (4) contribute to the progress in the field through strengthening approaches that allow for comparative HRI research in the wild'.

Please direct questions concerning the organisation of the workshop to Marina Hoffmann at the Conference Office. Questions regarding scientific content and contributions should be directed to the organizers.

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