ZiF Workshop

The EU between confusion and vision

Date: 26 – 27 October 2020
Convenor: Paul Michael Lützeler (St. Louis, USA)

The accomplishments of the European nation states are impressive: They first built the (Western) European Economic Community and then – after the end of the Cold War – the European Union. That community contributed to peace in Europe for some seven decades. The founding fathers of the Coal and Steel Community have to be admired for the goals they reached, and the same can be said about the European politicians in Brussels before and after the fall of the Berlin wall. The order of the day was to expand and to deepen the union at the same time, but this effort seems to have reached its limits, as the financial, economic, political, cultural, legal and military crises in recent years have shown. The Euro crisis, unemployment in a number of member states, antidemocratic tendencies, xenophobia and racism caused by millions of refugies entering the EU, the questioning of human rights and the doubts about NATO as a reliable alliance: all of these phenomena have contributed to a general insecurity about future developments. It is an impression of confusion that one gets when looking at European politics and policies. This interdisciplinary workshop will look for reasons of the crises as well as for encouraging tendencies in today?s European developments. One of the questions will be whether the old idea of a genuine European federation with a constitution might be a realistic goal for the future.

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