ZiF Workshop

History & Memory. Towards a New Interdisciplinary Dialogue – 2nd Authors Meeting

Date: 18 – 20 July 2022
Convenors: Christina Morina (Bielefeld, GER), Wulf Kansteiner (Aarhus, DNK)

Memory is an ubiquitous phenomenon of our times. Memory Studies are thriving as a distinct academic field with a footing in various disciplines, notably not predominantly in history. As a result of a wider socially and culturally driven Memory Boom since the 1980s and the concurrent process of professionalization, the field features widely read journals, book series and handbooks and figures ever more prominently in curricula at universities around the world. Yet, none of these efforts focuses systematically on the relationship between memory studies and professional historiography.

Given the fact that history and memory studies share a similar curiosity about the past, collaboration between them should and can be easily expanded – to both sides’ benefit: The field of memory studies can profit from historians’ ability to historicize sources, research concepts, and memory cultures and integrate complex argumentative and narrative objectives; historians could conversely benefit from memory studies’ theoretical ambition, interdisciplinary profile, empirical range, and didactic and political appeal.

With these premises and objectives in mind, the proposed Working Group comprising of 37 authors (incl. the editors) from around the world aims to jointly write a dialogical handbook, The Oxford Handbook History & Memory, to map and widen that interdisciplinary potential und understanding

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