ZiF Workshop - Video Conference

The 1st International Workshop on Data Storage in Molecular Media (DSMM)

Date: 16 – 18 November 2021 - Postponed to 21 – 23 March 2022
Convenors: Georges Hattab (Marburg, GER), Dominik Heider (Marburg, GER), Anke Becker (Marburg, GER)

Today, all important information is stored in digital libraries, e.g. on tapes or networked storage systems (clouds). However, these systems are unreliable for the long-term storage of information. With the occurrence of solar storms or other electromagnetic disasters, natural or not, mankind will be confronted with a digital dark age. We propose to extend the existing memory hierarchy by using molecular clusters and storage systems as a viable solution to these challenges. To accomplish this task, different areas are necessary, e.g. mathematics and computer science for coding theory and efficient storage of information.

At present, the state of the art is concerned with molecular clusters and storage systems and is based on the fields of biology and chemistry. On the one hand, existing DNA-based approaches have mainly used short synthetic DNA as information carriers, relying on genetic bases (A, C, G, T). On the other hand, inorganic chemistry has been helpful for storing information within chemical clusters by absorbing and emitting light, relying on a novel geometry created by crystalline-like structures. We plan to include research from biology, chemistry, mathematics and computer science, as well as visual analytics and related disciplines.
By bringing different disciplines together, the goal of molecular media is to provide a better alternative for data storage, and there is an urgent need for standardization.