ZiF Workshop

Deadline-bound – Theory, Effects, and Materiality of Juridical Timing

Date: 25 - 27 July 2022
Convenors: Konstantin Chatziathanasiou (Münster, GER), Jens Gerlach (Hamburg, GER), Maria Marquardsen (Bochum, GER), Michael W. Müller (Mannheim, GER), Rike Sinder (Freiburg, GER), Bettina Stepanek (München, GER)

In law – as much as elsewhere – they are omnipresent: they are set and noted, observed and extended, missed and forgotten. They are necessary, cruel, and exciting. We are talking about deadlines. A world without them does not seem conceivable. But does that mean that they are also the focus of jurisprudential reflection? Hardly. Essentially, there are two strands of literature on legal deadlines: on the one hand, a somewhat limited number of doctrinal contributions oriented to practical needs, and on the other hand, a theoretical literature devoted to the tension between the temporal limitation of political rule and its long-term effects. The aim of the workshop is to connect these strands and to enrich them with new perspectives. It is planned to result I a book entitled ‘fristgebunden’ (‘deadline-bound’).

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