ZiF Workshop

Trade Revisited

Date: 23 - 24 March 2023
Convenors: Hanjo Hamann (Bonn, GER), Gregor Albers (Bonn, GER)

New ways of consuming challenge not only traditional distribution chains, but also the law on commerce and trade. Previously, sales contracts took center-stage as the dominant logic of social ordering. In our workshop “Trade Revisited” we want to tackle the question of how the roles have changed of actors in various stages of the trading process, and how this reflects in the sales contracts they conclude. This past development might be labelled the “differentiation of retail channels”. To extrapolate into the future, we will next consider how a shift from goods to services and experiences influences extant structures and processes. We will discuss which contractual arrangements could reflect these developing “new ways of value creation”. Our focus will be on the intersection of business and law, integrating their historical and geographical dimensions, and the underlying general question of how law and the economy progress in step.