ZiF's Board of Directors

Academic Members
Véronique Zanetti Véronique Zanetti
Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology - Department of Philosophy
Executive Director
Gernot Akemann Gernot Akemann
Faculty of Physics
Deputy Executive Director
Martin Egelhaaf Martin Egelhaaf
Faculty of Biology
Carsten Reinhardt Carsten Reinhardt
Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology - Department of History
Jens Stoye Jens Stoye
Faculty of Technology
Other members
N. N. N. N.
Representative of the Academic Staff
Gaby Heißenberg Gaby Heißenberg
Representative of the Non-academic Staff
Permanent Guests
Daniela Brinkmann Daniela Brinkmann
Head of Administration
Anika Haverig Anika Haverig
Managing Director
Marc Schalenberg Marc Schalenberg
Academic Coordinator

  • The Board of Directors consists of five university teachers of Bielefeld University and one representative each of the academic and the non-academic staff of the ZiF.
  • Four members from the status group of university teachers are appointed by the Rectorate of Bielefeld University for a period of four years on the recommendation of the Advisory Board of the ZiF (one reappointment is permissible).
  • An additional member from the status group of university teachers is appointed by the Rectorate by virtue of office as Prorector.
  • The members from the status groups of the staff of the ZiF are elected from their status groups for four years (re-election is permitted).
  • The Board of Directors elects one university teacher each from among its members for a term of two years as Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director (re-election is permissible).

Overview of all academic members of the Board of Directors

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