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E Pluribus Unum? Ethnic Identities in Transnational Integration Processes in the Americas

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Raab, Josef; Thies, Sebastian (Eds.), E Pluribus Unum? National and Transnational Identities in the Americas (Inter-American Perspectives/ Perspectivas Interamericanas 1), Münster: LIT and Tempe, AZ: Bilingual Press, 2008.

These twenty-four essays - written in English and in Spanish - take a fresh look at cultural identities in the Americas from a transnational, inter-American perspective. They explore a variety of topics related to the four main sections of the book, "Politics of Divergence and Integration in the Americas," "The Role of Media and Media Industries in the Formation of (Trans-)National Identities," "Literary Negotiations of Identity," and "Cultural Diversity, Hybridity, New Identities."

  Estos veinticuatro ensayos en inglés y español ofrecen acercamientos innovativos a identidades culturales en las Américas desde una perspectiva transnacional e interamericana. Las contribuciones analizan una amplia gama de temas relacionados con las cuatro secciones del libro: "Políticas de divergencia y de integración en las Américas," "Medios e industrias mediáticas en la formación de identidades (trans)nacionales," "Negociaciones literarias de la identidad" y "Diversidad cultural, hibridación, y nuevas identidades."

Taken from the volume:
Raab, Josef; Butler, Martin (Eds.), Hybrid Americas: Contacts, Contrasts, and Confluences in New World Literatures and Cultures (Inter-American Perspectives/ Perspectivas Interamericanas 2), Münster: LIT and Tempe, AZ: Bilingual Press, 2008.

The twenty-two essays in this collection examine a wide scope of past and present cultural interrelations and interdependences in the Americas. Exploring mutual gazes, separations, and linkages, this volume highlights regional, national, and transnational contacts in the New World; it raises awareness of the contrasts that separate American cultures; and it examines the confluences of New World issues, traditions, and practices. Contributing to the emerging field of Inter-American Studies, this collection increases our theoretical under¬standing of cultural hybridity and demonstrates that cultural hybridity is by no means a recent phenomenon in the Americas.
Taken from the volume:
Table of Contents
Introduction: Cultural Hybridity in the Americas (Josef Raab and Martin Butler)

Ströbele-Gregor, Juliana; Kaltmeier, Olaf; Giebeler, Cornelia (Hg.) Fortalecimiento de Organizaciones Indígenas en América Latina: Construyendo Interculturalidad: Pueblos Indígenas, Educación y Políticas de Identidad en América Latina. GTZ / Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung, Universität Bielefeld, 2010
Essay Anthology, based on the Workshop Educación intercultural y políticas de identidad en las Américas,ZiF, April 16, 2009


Djelal Kadir: Imperial Calculus: E Pluribus Unum
Lecture given at the opening conference of the Research Group "E Pluribus Unum?", October 8-11, 2008
Sebastian Thies und Olaf Kaltmeier: From the Flap of a Butterfly's Wing in Brazil to a Tornado in Texas?: Approaching the Field of Identity Politics and Its Fractal Topography
Published lecture given at the opening conference of the Research Group "E Pluribus Unum?", October 8-11, 2008

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