Center for Interdisziplinary Research

ZiF Research Group

Normative Aspects of Public Health

October 2013 - March 2014

Convenors: Stefan Huster (Bochum, GER), Thomas Schramme (Hamburg, GER)

The closing conference of the research group "Normative Aspects of Public Health" combined international and interdisciplinary perspectives in trying to expand the framework of discussion to issues of normative significance that haven't been scrutinized sufficiently before in the relevant literature. Topics included sufficientarian and egalitarian approaches to health justice, the concept of solidarity, the capabilities approach to public health, issues of public policy as well as the responsibilities of the state in relation to citizens. The conference kicked off with a public panel discussion that focused mainly on the German political and legal situation in respect to health inequalities. Invited speakers during the conference included renowned scholars such as Daniel M. Hausman (University of Wisconsin), Alena Buyx (Universität Kiel), Sridhar Venkatapuram (King's College London), Kristin Voigt (McGill University, Montreal), and Daniel Weinstock (McGill University Montreal). Finally, the two research group leaders, Stefan Huster (Bochum) and Thomas Schramme (Hamburg) presented perspectives that stemmed from the discussions of the research group.

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