ZiF Research Group

Balancing Religious Accommodation and Human Rights in Constitutional Frameworks

May - November 2014

Convenors: Mirjam Künkler (Princeton, USA), Hanna Lerner (Tel Aviv, ISR) and Shylashri Shankar (New Delhi, IND)

Unless otherwise noted, the speaker series program takes place on Tuesdays at 11:00 in the Corner Room, located on the second floor of the ZiF. The talk and discussion are followed by a lunch at 12:30 in the ZiF dining room. To attend a talk, please email Aaron Glasserman (aaron.glasserman@uni-bielefeld.de). Guests are also welcome to join the group for lunch. Lunch tickets (5 euro) can be purchased at the ZiF office.

20 May 2014 Jeff Redding (Saint Louis University, USA)
The Rule and Role of Islamic Law: Constituting Secular Law and Governance in Contemporary India
27 May 2014 Leif Seibert (Bielefeld University, GER)
Consociational Belief in an Unjust Peace
25 June 2014 (Wednesday) Heiner Bielefeldt (University of Erlangen, GER)
Religion and Secularism in Post-Soviet Russia, Kazakhstan and Moldova
8 July 2014 Stefan Voigt (University of Hamburg, GER)
The Rule of Law and Constitutionalism in Muslim Countries
15 July 2014 Fabian Wittreck (University of Münster, GER)
"Paralleljustiz?" - The German Experience with (Religious) Non-Official Justice
22 July 2014 Katrin Seidel (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, GER)
Constitutional Recognition of Islamic Law and Sharia Courts in Ethiopia: Towards a Procedural Approach?
30 July 2014 (Wednesday, 15:30,
no lunch)
Dale Eickelman (Dartmouth College, USA)
Morocco's 2011 Constitution: The First Three Years
5 August 2014 Rochana Bajpai (SOAS, UK)
Secularism and Religion in India's Constitutional Imagination
9 September 2014 Benjamin Schonthal (University of Otago, NZL)
What is a Buddhist Constitution?
16 September 2014 Mathias Rohe (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, GER)
Religious Alternative Dispute Resolution in Europe - Blessing or Curse?
2 October 2014 (Thursday, 16:00) Ebrahim Afsah (University of Copenhagen, DEN)
The Empty Fortress: Pitfalls of Contemporary Constitutional Debates in the Middle East
28 October 2014 Christopher Thornhill (University of Manchester, GBR)
A Sociology of Constitutional Rights - Are Religious Rights Different?
6 November 2014 (Thursday)
ZiF Public Lecture
Plenary Room, 19:00
Yadh Ben Achour (Tunis, TUN)
Entstehung einer Verfassung in Zeiten der Revolution. Tunesien 2011-2014