ZiF Research Group

The Ethics of Copying


Convenors: Reinold Schmücker (Münster, GER), Thomas Dreier (Karlsruhe, GER), Pavel Zahrádka (Olomouc, CZE)

Balancing Intellectual Property Claims and the Freedom of Art and Communication

  • Eberhard Ortland
    paste© - Kopieren als kulturelle Praxis im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung

  • Julia Reda
    Digital Reproduction Right – the Pillar of any Copyright System or Barrier to Innovation?

  • Leonhard Dobusch
    Lessons from Copyright in Action for Copyright Reform

  • Grischka Petri
    Appetite for Destruction? Deletion, Creation, and Freedom of Art
  • Viktor Mayer-Schönberger
    Fan Fiction, Copyright's Utility and the Desire to Control

  • Christophe Geiger
    Statutory Licences as Enabler of Creative Uses

  • Alexander Peukert
    The Challenge of Balancing Digital Copyright

  • Reinold Schmücker
    Balancing What? Suggestions from the ZiF Research Group on the Ethics of Copying