ZiF Research Group

Kinship and Politics:

Rethinking a Conceptual Split and its Epistemic Implications in the Social Sciences


Convenors: Erdmute Alber (Bayreuth, GER), David Warren Sabean (Los Angeles, USA), Simon Teuscher (Zürich, SUI), Tatjana Thelen (Wien, AUT)
We have structured our 10 months at ZiF into 15 two-week working units. Each unit is composed of a colloquium and a reading session.

The colloquiums and reading sessions take place in a fortnightly rhythm on Wednesdays/Thursdays from 10:00 until 12:30 in the Round Table at ZiF. The meetings are followed by a joint lunch in the ZiF cafeteria. If you are interested in participating please email our research group coordinator Jennifer Rasell.
26.10.2016 Unit 1 Reading Session
Kinship and Family in Medieval and Early Modern Political Thought
27.10.2016 Colloquium 1 Ludolf Kuchenbuch
Overview of Kinship Research on the Middle Ages
10.11.2016 Unit 2 Reading Session
Defining Social Obligations and Boundaries. From Incest Prohibitions to Racial Conceptions in Medicine and Politics
10.11.2016 Colloquium 2 David Warren Sabean
Incest Discourse in Europe and America since the Renaissance
23.11.2016 Unit 3 Reading Session
Kinship or State? A New Understanding of Political Practices and the Origins of the Modern State through Succession
24.11.2016 Colloquium 3 Andre Thiemann
Under- and Over-implementing the Law: Social Work, Inclusive Distribution, and Exclusive Protection
11.1.2017 Unit 4 Reading Session
Modernisation and Civil Society. Epistemologies and Genealogies. Classical 19th Century Texts
12.1.2017 Colloquium 4 Caroline Arni
Theorising the Family and Sexual Difference with Regard to their Systemic Function in Modern Society
25.1.2017 Unit 5 Reading Session
Making Persons: Substances, Relations and the Transcendent
26.1.2017 Colloquium 5 Jon Mathieu
Periodisation of Family History in Europe: Competing Accounts
8.2.2017 Unit 6 Reading Session
Devolution and Evolution of Property: Trusts, Family Foundations, Continuities of Wealth and Poverty, Politics of Family Property
9.2.2017 Colloquium 6 Kath Weston
Bequeathing a World
22.2.2017 Unit 7 Reading Session
Where Did the Nuclear Family Come From and Where Does it Go? What about the House and Household? Classical 20th Century Texts
23.2.2017 Colloquium 7 Kirsten Rüther
From the "History of the Winter Family" to "Jeannette's Story": Exploring South African History through the Lens of Kinship and Family
8.3.2017 Unit 8 Reading Session
Associating and Dissociating Kinship, Power and Property
9.3.2017 Colloquium 8 Thomas Zitelmann
Anthropology, Kinship and the Military - A Personalised Narrative
22.3.2017 Unit 9 Reading Session
Reproducing Order through Institutionalised Care in the Age of Child-Centred Families
23.3.2017 Colloquium 9 Nara Milanich
The Birth of Uncertainty: A Global History of the Paternity Test
3.5.2017 Unit 10 Reading Session
The (Re)production of the (Modern) State: Creating a Unit of "Less" Kinship and its Boundary Work
4.5.2017 Colloquium 10 Staffan Müller-Wille
Franz Boas' Concept of Family Lines: Kinship, Statistics, and Genetics around 1900
17.5.2017 Unit 11 Reading Session
Colonial and Post-Colonial States: Transforming/Exorcising Kinship
18.5.2017 Colloquium 11 Judith Schachter
Global Migration: Transforming Kinship in the Pacific
31.5.2017 Unit 12 Reading Session
Making and Contesting Nationalism and Citizenship: National and International Families, Migration, Nations vs. Globalisation
1.6.2017 Colloquium 12 Michael Herzfeld
Nationalism and the Expropriation of Theory
13.6.2017 Unit 13 Reading Session
Deconstructing the Family Unit? Marriage, Reproductive Rights and Political Imagination
14.6.2017 Colloquium 13 Marit Melhuus
From Natural Difference to Equal Value. Kinship and Gender in Norwegian Biopolitics
28.6.2017 Unit 14 Reading Session
The State of Play: Economic Rationalisation, Diplomatic Interventions, Military Practices, Discourses of corruption, the Nuclear Family Model as a Means for Intervention
29.6.2017 Colloquium 14 Susan McKinnon
Imagining the Nation: Domestic, Economic, and Political Governance
12.7.2017 Unit 15 Reading Session
Deconstructing the Units in Practices: Producing the Political Order and the Border through Kinship
13.7.2017 Colloquium 15 Gesine Krüger
Bones, Ancestors and Relatives - the Liminal Life of Repatriatables