ZiF Research Group

'Felix Culpa'?

Guilt as Culturally Productive Force

October 2018 - July 2019

Convenors: Matthias Buschmeier (Bielefeld, GER),
Katharina von Kellenbach (St. Mary's City, USA)

In order to move our proposed hypothesis of guilt as a productive force forward, the group will convene on a regular basis to exchange different disciplinary approaches. The meetings will take place on Thursdays at ZiF to work from 14.30h until 18.00h.

Each jour fixe includes an organizational unit (max. one hour) to plan programming, conferences, publications, invitations of external guest speakers, public presentations, etc. Each jour fixe addresses a different topic to be filled by fellows' interests, questions, and needs. A jour fixe can be devoted to presentations of current work in progress, to discussion of assigned readings, cross-disciplinary exchange of background materials, etc.


11 October 2018 Jour Fixe 1 Round Table
Planning the Jour fixe for the year, organizational matters
Discussion of Karl Jaspers 'The Question of German Guilt'
18 October 2018 Jour Fixe 2 Corner Room
The Question of Guilt Cultures: Ruth Benedict and beyond
25 October 2018 Jour Fixe 3 Corner Room
Guilt and Sense of Guilt in Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Social psychology
Lecture by Angela Moré
1 November 2018   Public Holiday: Allerheiligen
No jour fixe meeting
8 November 2018 Jour Fixe 4 Corner Room
Evaluation of the opening conference: What have we learned about productive guilt? How do we define productive guilt?
15 November 2018 Jour Fixe 5 Corner Room
Discussion (conference, publications)
22 November 2018 Jour Fixe 6 Round Table
Augustine: On the Free Choice of the Will
Lecture by Matthias Buschmeier
29 November 2018 Jour Fixe 7 Corner Room
Guilt in South India
Lecture by Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi
6 December 2018 Jour Fixe 8 Corner Room
James Laidlaw – The Subject of Virtue
Lecture by Victor Igreja
13 December 2018 Jour Fixe 9 Corner Room
Guilt and Law
Lecture by Klaus Günther
20 December 2018   Christmas Break
No jour fixe meeting
10 January 2019 Jour Fixe 10 Corner Room
Guilt and Penance in Criminal Law
Lecture by Valerij Zismann
15 January 2019 Jour Fixe 11 Corner Room
The Ethics of Research with Refugees
Dinner Talk at ZiF by John Borneman
17 January 2019 Jour Fixe 12 Corner Room
Ruth Ley's book 'From Shame to Guilt
Lecture by John Borneman
24 January 2019 Jour Fixe 13 Corner Room
Guilt – abyss and challenge of thinking
Lecture by Stephan Grätzel
7 February 2019 Jour Fixe 14 Corner Room
1. Part: 'Working on terms'
Presentation by Lisa Spaniermann, Michael Lurie, Matthias Buschmeier, Saskia Fischer
2. Part: Closing Conference, Jour Fix Planning
14 February 2019 Jour Fixe 15 Corner Room
Guilt in Absence of Legal Punishment
Lecture by Dominik Hofmann
21 February 2019 Jour Fixe 16 Corner Room
The Case of Indonesia (1965-98) and its Biographical Testimonies
Lecture by Nelly van Doorn-Harder
28 February 2019 Jour Fixe 17 Corner Room
Murdering of Disabled and ill People in the Ukraine
Lecture by Lecture by Tanja Penter
7 March 2019 Jour Fixe 18 Corner Room
Nietzsche on Fault
Lecture by Ethel Matala de Mazza
21 March 2019 Jour Fixe 19 Corner Room
Iris Young on 'Responsibility for Justice'
Lecture by Sibylla Lotter
28 March 2019 Jour Fixe 20 Corner Room
Jean Laplanche: 'Responsibility and Response' from Between Seduction and Inspiration: Man Perfect Paperback
Lecture by Susan Derwin
11 April 2019 Jour Fixe 21 Corner Room
Full day discussion on the joint-publication on 'Productive Guilt'
2 May 2019 Jour Fixe 22 Corner Room
Collective Guilt
Lecture by Lisa Spanierman
25 June 2019 Jour Fixe 23 Corner Room
Abolishing Guilt
Lecture by Rüdiger Bittner (Bielefeld University)
27 June 2019 Jour Fixe 24 Corner Room
Dreams from the Past: on the adumbration of guilt in Gujarat
Lecture by Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi
4 - 6 July 2019 Jour Fixe 25 Corner Room
Visiting Sibylla Lotter's Workshop in Essen: Harm and Wrongdoing: Forgiveness and other Forms of Moral Repair
11 July 2019 Jour Fixe 26 Corner Room
Discussion of the introduction of the joint publication 'Productive Guilt'
16 July 2019 Jour Fixe 27 Corner Room
The Transgenerational Transmission of Guilt: A Comparison of Germany and Turkey
Lecture by Angela Moré
18 July 2019 Jour Fixe 28 Corner Room
Moral Injury
Lecture by Susan Derwin