ZiF Research Group

Cognitive Behavior of Humans, Animals, and Machines:

Situation Model Perspectives

October 2019 – July 2020

Convenors: Werner Schneider (Bielefeld, GER), Helge Ritter (Bielefeld, GER)

Anna Belardinelli

Associate Fellow

Foto Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH,
Offenbach, Germany
E-Mail: anna.belardinelli@honda-ri.de


Anna Belardinelli holds an M.SC. degree and a PhD in Computer Engineering, both obtained from the Sapienza University of Rome in 2005 and 2009. Between 2009 and 2012 she was a postdoc fellow at CITEC, Bielefeld University, deepening her studies on computational attention in an interdisciplinary project between neurocognitive psychology and robotics. Subsequently, she was a postdoctoral researcher in the Cognitive Modeling group at the University of Tübingen, achieving the habilitation in Cognitive Science in 2019. She is currently a guest scientist at the Honda Research Institute, working on Human-Robot Interaction.

Current Main Research Interests

Anna's current research focuses on visual control of action and eye-hand coordination in object interaction. By means of eye and motion tracking, she strives to investigate gaze strategies in action selection, planning and execution during real-world tasks with familiar objects. Insights from such experiments shed light on the extent to which action and perception are intertwined and which aspects of one can be inferred and predicted from the other. Indeed, these studies emphasize that, in order to successfully and timely achieve a desired action goal, the anticipation of the upcoming motor behaviour and relative end-state is used to quickly focus attention on the relevant visual, kinematic, and peripersonal space aspects in a way that depends on the current task and the affording characteristics of the object.

Five selected publications with particular relevance to the Research Group
  • Belardinelli, A., Lohmann, J., Farnè, A., & Butz, M. V. (2018). Mental space maps into the future. Cognition, 176, 65-73.
  • Belardinelli, A., Stepper, M. & Butz, M.V. (2016). It's in the Eyes: Planning Precise Manual Actions Before Execution. Journal of Vision, 16, 18.
  • Belardinelli, A., Herbort, O., & Butz, M.V. (2015). Goal-oriented gaze strategies afforded by object interaction. Vision Research, 106, 47-57.
  • Belardinelli, A., Carbone, A. & Schneider, W. X. (2013). Classification of multiscale spatiotemporal energy features for video segmentation and dynamic objects prioritisation. Pattern Recognition Letters, 34, 713-722.
  • Wischnewski, M., Belardinelli, A., Schneider, W.X. & Steil, J.J. (2010). Where to Look Next? Combining Static and Dynamic Proto-objects in a TVA-based Model of Visual Attention. Cognitive Computation, 2, 326-343.