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Global Contestations of Women's and Gender Rights

October 2020 – July 2021

Convenors: Alexandra Scheele (Bielefeld, GER), Julia Roth (Bielefeld, GER), Heidemarie Winkel (Bielefeld, GER)
Book Presentation

Video-Conference: "Multiple Gender Cultures, Sociology, and Plural Modernities. Re-reading Social Constructions of Gender across the Globe in a Decolonial Perspective", Routledge 2021

24 June 2021, 18:00
Heidemarie Winkel (Bielefeld, GER) and Angelika Poferl (Dortmund, GER)

Until today, Western, European sociology contributes to the social reality of colonial modernity, and gender knowledge is a paradigmatic example of it. Multiple Gender Cultures, Sociology, and Plural Modernities critically engages with these 'Western eyes' and shifts the focus towards the global variety of gendered socialities and hierarchically entangled social histories.

This is conceptualised as multiple gender cultures within plural modernities. The authors examine the multifaceted realities of gendered life in varying contexts across the globe ranging from Japan, Egypt and Tunesia to Native Americans. Bringing together different perspectives, the volume provides a rereading of the social fabric of gender in contrast to androcentrist-modernist as well as orientalist representations of 'the gendered Other.

The key questions explored by this volume are: which social mechanisms lead to conflicting or shifting gender dynamics against the backdrop of global entanglements and interdependencies, and to what extent are neocolonial gender regimes at work in this regard? How are varying gender cultures sociohistorically and culturally structured, and how are they connected within (global) power relations? How can established hierarchies and asymmetries become an object of criticism? And, how can historical, cultural, social, and political specificities be analysed without gendered and other reifications? That way, the volume aims to promote border thinking in sociological understanding of social reality towards multiple gender cultures.

The editors, Angelika Poferl (Dortmund) and Heidemarie Winkel (Bielefeld), and the authors cordially invite to the common book presentation. During the event, the authors will introduce themselves and discuss their common concerns in relation to multiple gender cultures.

For more information on the book: https://www.routledge.com/Multiple-Gender-Cultures-Sociology-and-Plural-Modernities-Re-reading/Winkel-Poferl/p/book/9781138319028

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