ZiF Research Group

Global Contestations of Women's and Gender Rights

October 2020 – July 2021

Convenors: Alexandra Scheele (Bielefeld, GER), Julia Roth (Bielefeld, GER), Heidemarie Winkel (Bielefeld, GER)

Alexandra Scheele


FotoFaculty of Sociology,
Bielefeld University, Germany
E-Mail: alexandra.scheele@uni-bielefeld.de


Alexandra Scheele holds a Master degree in Political Sciences and German Literature from the Philipps-University Marburg (1995), where she also received her Ph.D. (Dr. phil.) in 2006. In her dissertation she developed a framework to understand "Labour as a Political Field. In her Habilitation (BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg 2016) she has analyzed the impact of social and economic crises for gender equality. In 2007 she was Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. She has further worked in a comparative project on the Gender Pay Gap (2014-2016, funded within the PROGRESS program of the EC) and on women in corporate boards within the international interdisciplinary network Gender Equality Policies in Practice (GEPP) coordinated by Amy Mazur (Washington/Paris) and Isabelle Engeli (Bath). Alexandra Scheele hold several temporary professorships at the University of Erfurt, the Humboldt University Berlin and the University of Bielefeld. Alexandra Scheele is member of the editorial board of "Femina Politica – Zeitschrift für feministische Politikwissenschaft" (Barbara Budrich Publisher) and the Book series "Arbeit – Demokratie – Geschlecht" (Westfälisches Dampfboot). She also works since 2008 as scientific expert for gender equality on behalf of the European Commission and writes the National Report on Gender Equality in Germany.

Current Main Research Interests

Alexandra Scheele has a strong research focus on social and economic gender inequalities. Her current research interest refers to the impact of technological change (digitization) on the valuation of professional tasks. Using data from qualitative empirical research she wants to analyze whether in this process gender inequalities at work are revitalized – or reduced. This analysis will be integrated in a larger theoretical ideas on the role of recognition at and through work.

Five selected publications with particular relevance to the Research Group
  • Bargetz, Brigitte/Scheele, Alexandra/Schneider, Silke (2019): Umkämpfte Solidaritäten. Einleitung. In: Femina Politica. 28. Jg. H.2, 9-25
  • Bergmann, Nadja/Scheele, Alexandra/Sorger, Claudia (2019): Variations of the same? A sectoral analysis of the Gender Pay Gap in Germany and Austria. Gender, Work & Organization 26(5), S. 666-687
  • Scheele, Alexandra (2019): Abwertung von Care-Arbeit durch Vergeschlechtlichung. In: Rudolph, Clarissa/Schmidt, Katja (Hg.): Interessenpolitik und Care - Voraussetzungen, Hürden und Perspektiven kollektiven Handelns. Münster: Westfälisches Dampfboot, 24-36
  • Scheele, Alexandra (2018): Erwerbsarbeit und Emanzipation. In: Scheele, Alexandra/Wöhl, Stefanie (Hg.): Feminismus – Marxismus. [Reihe Arbeitsgesellschaft im Wandel]. Weinheim: Beltz Juventa, 115-129.
  • Annesley, Claire/Scheele, Alexandra (2011): Gender, Capitalism and Economic Crisis: Impact and Responses across Europe. In: Journal of Contemporary European Studies. Vol. 19, No. 3, 335-347