ZiF Cooperation Group

Governance, Incentives, and the Quality of Knowledge

July 2019 - June 2021

Max Albert (Gießen, GER)
Guido Bünstorf (Kassel, GER)
Martin Carrier (Bielefeld, GER)
Rolf König (Bielefeld, GER)
Cornelis Menke (Mainz, GER)
Niels Taubert (Bielefeld, GER)
ZiF Cooperation Group Workshop

Science and Innovation: Governance and Incentives for Making Research more Productive

13 - 14 January 2022
Convenors: Max Albert (Gießen, GER), Guido Bünstorf (Kassel, GER), Martin Carrier (Bielefeld, GER), Rolf König (Bielefeld, GER), Cornelis Menke (Mainz, GER), Niels Taubert (Bielefeld, GER)

Originality, novelty, and innovation are key objectives of research. The challenge is to identify research strategies that are likely to increase productivity and innovativeness in research. Staying in close contact with practical demands and a tight time frame are sometimes considered as key factors for fostering more focused research and for driving up creativity. Critics object that leisure is a precondition of high-quality research and that pushing researchers hard to deliver quickly reduces reliability and long-term orientation of the research. In a different vein, a long-standing debate concerns the relative merits of narrowly targeted strategies versus broad research endeavors that are only afterwards scrutinized for their practical prospects. A more general question is whether research investments can be compared with expected returns.

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