ZiF Cooperation Group

Normative Challenges of the European Asylum System

May 2021 – October 2023

Svenja Ahlhaus (Hamburg, GER)
Matthias Hoesch (Münster, GER)
Susanne Mantel (Saarbrücken, GER)
Petra Sußner (Berlin, GER)


Svenja Ahlhaus
Svenja Ahlhaus is a postdoctoral research associate in political theory at University of Hamburg. Her research focuses on democratic theory, membership and migration theory, and international political theory.
Matthias Hoesch
Matthias Hoesch is head of a project on the ethics of migration at the cluster of excellence Religion and Politics, University of Münster. His research focusses on political philosophy. Especially, he is interested in the ethics of refugee protection, territorial justice, the ethics of integration and Immanuel Kant's practical philosophy.
Susanne Mantel
Susanne Mantel is a postdoc researcher in philosophy at Saarland University (Saarbrücken) and has been a postdoc fellow at the DFG-funded center for advanced studies Justitia Amplificata (Rethinking Justice – Applied and Global) (Frankfurt/Berlin). She works on political philosophy, especially duties of admission and refugees, as well as the theory of normativity.
Petra Sußner
Petra Sußner is based at Humboldt University Berlin. She is a senior researcher at the DFG research group Law-Gender-Collectivity and her research focuses on migration law, environmental law and the role of courts in european legal orders. She obtained her PhD at the University of Vienna in 2019 with a thesis on Forced Migration, Gender and Sexuality.
Foto Andreas Blätte
Foto Nula Frei
Nula Frei is a senior researcher and lecturer at the Institute of European Law, University of Fribourg (Switzerland). Her research interests cover the fields of international and european law as well as international human rights law, with a focus on questions of forced migration, gender, democracy, and new technologies.
Foto Christopher Hein
Foto Olaf Kleist
Olaf Kleist is a senior researcher and co-head of the expert group Democracy, Knowledge Transfer and Policy Advice at the German Center for Integration and Migration Research (DeZIM) in Berlin. He is also founder and chair person of the German Network of Forced Migration Studies. His research focuses on refugee protection on multiple levels from civil society to the global regime, with particular interest in refugee policies in Germany and Europe.
©Peter Gwiazda
Anna Lübbe
Anna Lübbe is a professor in public law and co-director of the Center for Intercultural and European Studies (CINTEUS) at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda. Her research focuses on human rights, asylum and refugee law, esp. on border studies and the allocation of refugee responsibility.
Foto Boldizsar Nagy
Foto Andreas Niederberger
Andreas Niederberger is professor of practical philosophy at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany). He is the coordinator of the Horizon2020-project Norms and Values in the European Migration and Refugee Crisis (NoVaMigra). His research focuses on cosmopolitan political and legal philosophy, especially on transnational democracy and general democratic theory, human rights and migration. He also works on the history of political and legal thought from the 16th to the early 20th century.
Foto Dana Schmalz
Dana Schmalz is a research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg/Berlin and a fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation. Her work focuses on international public law and legal theory. She holds a PhD from the University of Frankfurt (2017), her book Refugees, Democracy and the Law. Political Rights at the Margins of the State was published in 2020.
Foto Christine Straehle
Christine Straehle is professor for practical philosophy at the University of Hamburg and associate member of Nuffield College, Oxford. She has published widely in the field of migration justice and global justice. She is also the editor or co-editor of several books, e.g., The Political Philosophy of Refuge (Cambridge University Press, 2019).