Calendar of all Events 2021

For information on individual ZiF-organised events please get in touch with the persons to contact indicated on the relevant web page. Information on external events at the ZiF are available at the organisers only.
3 - 4 May
Postponed to 27 - 28 August
ZiF Workshop
Participation as a condition for humanizing epistemology? Interdisciplinary and international perspectives
Oliver Böhm-Kasper (Bielefeld, GER), Saana Jukola (Bielefeld, GER), Anna Kirova (Edmonton, CAN), Solina Richter (Edmonton, CAN)
6 - 7 May
Postponed to 25 - 26 November
ZiF Cooperation Group Workshop
Commercial Influences on Research: Efficiency Orientation and Social Demand
Max Albert (Gießen, GER), Guido Bünstorf (Kassel, GER), Martin Carrier (Bielefeld, GER), Rolf König (Bielefeld, GER), Cornelis Menke (Mainz, GER), Niels Taubert (Bielefeld, GER)
10 - 12 May ZiF Workshop
Video conference: Animal (Pre)History, Agency & Legacy
Stephanie Zehnle (Kiel, GER), Shumon T. Hussain (Aarhus, DEN)
17 - 18 May ZiF Workshop
Video conference: Competing Socialisms: The Sino-Soviet Rivalry in Africa during the Cold War
Kirsten Bönker (Bielefeld, GER), Thoralf Klein (Loughborough, GBR)
20 May 2021 Online Roundtable
Attacks on 'Gender': Experiences from Diverse Contexts
Andrea Petö (Vienna, AUT), Brenda Kombo (Bloemfontein, RSA), Birgit Sauer (Vienna, AUT), Shirin Zubair (PAK), Livia de Souza Lima (Bielefeld, GER)