Calendar of all Events 2022

For information on individual ZiF-organised events please get in touch with the persons to contact indicated on the relevant web page. Information on external events at the ZiF are available at the organisers only.
12 January External Event
The Bielefeld Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry Workshop 2022
Claudia Alfes-Neumann (Bielefeld, GER)
13 - 14 January ZiF Cooperation Group Workshop
Science and Innovation: Governance and Incentives for Making Research more Productive
Max Albert (Gießen, GER), Guido Bünstorf (Kassel, GER), Martin Carrier (Bielefeld, GER), Rolf König (Bielefeld, GER), Cornelis Menke (Mainz, GER), Niels Taubert (Bielefeld, GER)
19 - 21 January ZiF Research Group Workshop
Product Innovations: Liability, Incentives and Market Dynamics
Herbert Dawid (Bielefeld, GER), Sabine Gless (Basel, SUI), Gerd Muehlheusser (Hamburg, GER)
26 January External Event
Verleihung des Titels Doktor honoris causa an Jan Wagner
Wolfgang Braungart (Bielefeld, GER)
27 - 28 January ZiF Cooperation Group Meeting II - Video Conference
Gerichte im Spannungsfeld der Allokation
Svenja Ahlhaus (Hamburg, GER), Matthias Hoesch (Münster, GER), Susanne Mantel (Saarbrücken, GER), Petra Sußner (Berlin, GER)