The ZiF creates space for research on interdisciplinary borderlands. Experience has shown that exchanges between different research approaches may lead to unexpected syntheses, perspectives and perceptions, sometimes even entirely new fields of study may emerge.

Against this background, the ZiF supports - in addition to an interdisciplinary exchange - also an interaction between art and science. Here, we do not rely on direct compatibility and peaceful coexistence between art and sciences, we rather expect individualism, resistance and dissent. In this sense, art exhibitions and performances are a substantial part of our work, which is essentially curated by the artists, curators and scholars of our Art Committee.

At the suggestion of the Art Committee, the ZiF occasionally invites artists to stay at the ZiF for a period of three months. These Artists in Residence generally cooperate with the ZiF research group and may initiate their own discourses.

Another possibility of long-term intervention constitutes an exposed art-site at the ZiF open-air area. In irregular intervals, a 'Zeitskulptur' is erected at this place; an installation exposed to wind and weather for the period of one year that undergoes a change, thus making the factor 'time' as well as processuality of creative and academic work a subject of discussion.

The ZiF invites artists to apply for support of an exhibition. Decisions on applications are taken by the ZiF Art Committee. Exhibitions are supported by the Universitätsgesellschaft Bielefeld.

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In case of questions, please contact: Karin Matzke