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Artists in Residence

Residence: May - July, 2013
Artist: Nicole Schuck (Berlin, GER), Beat Brogle (Basel, SUI/Berlin, GER)

Nicole Schuck (Berlin)

In her works, focussing on the medium of drawings and on narrating performances, Nicole Schuck brings art and science, fiction and reality, documentation and narration in contact. She maps places, landscapes, countries ? directly integrating the wild animals living there. She does fieldwork that is intended to be narrative, it is not to document or illustrate: she makes drawings, interviews local residents and cooperates with researchers. Fictional aspects are intertwined with actual experiences. Reality is reflected in a realistic reproduction of structures and anatomies: fiction is reflected in the choice of the fragment and the consolidation of animal and topographic elements. At the same time, questions regarding the conservation of nature, species and climate are considered when developing the relevant natural environments; her artistic work, however, is never moralizing. The cycles ? graphically narrating - rather lead the observer to an individual organism of nature-, human- and animal worlds.


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Beat Brogle (Berlin, Basel)

The Swiss artist Beat Brogle has been living and working in Berlin and Basel. In his work he concentrates on morphologic processes and associations on the periphery of perception. His artistic creativity finds expression in different media such as drawings, room installations, film/video projects, interactive installations and web projects which have been presented at international media festivals and art exhibitions. He has lectured at various art colleges in the field of new media, e.g. at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art and the University of the Arts Bremen.


The ZiF programme Artist in Residence is intended to encourage the exchange between scholars and artists, mutual productive stimuli are desired.

Nicole Schuck and Beat Brogles work will be presented from July 10 to October 25, 2013.