ZiF Art

As Time Goes By

Exhibition at the ZiF on the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear accident

Vernissage: 8 March, 11:30
Exhibition: 8 March - 22 May 2015

Bild Kwanho Yuh

Photography by Kwanho Yuh

Bild Christoph Rust

Installation by Christoph Rust

Bild Ute Seifert

Installation by Ute Seifert

Four years have passed since the nuclear accident of Fukushima happened on March 11, 2011. In spite of enormous global and political relevancy, this has faded from the spotlight although - right after the accident - there was comprehensive media coverage.

16 artists from Japan, South Korea, Brasil and Germany are going to put the subject again in the center of attention by realising it from the artistic angle, to be exhibited at the ZiF as of March 8.

Professor Christoph Rust (University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld), the curator of the exhibition, is not concerned with the event in itself, he rather intends to draw attention to the individual and social consequences, to subtle social and cultural processes of change, on topics such as mortality, oblivion and suppression. The artists Klaus-Dieter Brunotte, Alex Cerveny, Frank Fuhrmann, Chieko Fumikura-Fuhrmann, Jürgen Heinrich, Helmut Hennig, Atsuo Hukuda, Wolfgang Jeske, Satoshi Ogawa, Christoph Rust, Ute Seifert, Masakazu Sugita, Takashi Suzuki, Shintaro Yanagida, Kwanho Yuh and Michael Zwingmann were asked to deal with the task by means of the disciplines painting, sculpture, installation and video and formulate their individual forms of expression.

With this exhibition, the artists would like to set off a spark in order to bring together people on this subject in order to accept jointly social responsibility and make the subject accessible to a broader public.

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