Art at ZiF


Artist: Christine Erhard (Düsseldorf, GER)
Exhibition: 22 September – 13 December 2022

Exhibition Opening: 22 September, 19.00
with a welcome by Gernot Akemann (Deputy Director at ZiF) and an introduction into Erhard's works by Stefan Gronert (Sprengel Museum Hanover)

Christine Erhard's photographic works refer to images in their already mediated, medial form. For the exhibition at ZiF, she has mostly worked on historical images of brutalist buildings. These photographic documents, which, like the ZiF, were created in the 1970s and 80s, become models for sculptural constructions in Erhard's studio. These constructions are in turn photographed, so that different levels of reflection and reality overlap in Erhard's images.

Christine Erhard develops her works out of a sculptural process; the pictorial object is conceived and built by her. In complex relationships between spatial constellations created solely for the camera view, she is looking for procedures to bring together different levels of reality that determine perception.

She is interested in the complex relationship between the image of an architectural space and the three-dimensional physical space itself. To this end, she develops systems of image organisation that do not correspond exclusively to the traditional forms of representation in photography.

Further Information:

Christine Erhard's website

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