Zif Art

Since 1993 ZiF Art has been an essential part of ZiF's activities. Unfortunately we do not have information about the infrequent exhibitions at the ZiF between 1976 and 1992.

Generally, the exhibitions are open throughout ZiF's core time (Monday to Thursday 9:00 to 15:30 and Friday 9:00 to 14:00). During workshops there may be additional opening hours. For relevant information, please contact our conference office, tel. +49 521 106-2768/2769.

In case of questions, please contact: Anika Haverig

5 March - 28 April Werke aus dem Künstlerhaus Lydda in Bethel
Gemeinschaftsausstellung des Künstlerhauses Lydda
April 2017-
Juni 2017
Artist in Residence
Sandra Boeschenstein (Zürich, SUI)
10 May-
18 August 2017
transmit receive
Stefanie Schwedes (Bielefeld, GER)
10 September - 15 December 2017 Große Treppe
Robert Stark (München, GER)