ZiF // Summer of Culture

Summer Concert
"I come to offer my heart"
The Duo Reo y Naná presents Latin American music.

Date: 22 July 2021, 7:30 p.m.

Marion Meisenberg (vocals) and Reinhold Westerheide (guitar) perform music by famous Latin American singer-songwriters such as Atahualpa Yupanqui, Silvio Rodriguez and Victor Jara, whose compositions and lyrics are deeply rooted in the continent's turbulent history. Their songs convey the struggle for love and justice in a rich poetic-visual language. Their melancholic melodies and political-poetic lyrics testify to the hope for a more just world. They tell of the courage not to give up in a time marked by unrest and uncertainty, and could hardly be more up to date.

Reo y Nanà touch with beautiful guitar playing and sensitive singing and create moments of contemplation, joy, and comfort.

The Bielefeld musicians Marion Meisenberg and Reinhold Westerheide have been performing together as the duo Reo y Naná since 2016.

The concert will take place outdoors on the ZiF campus, weather permitting. Seating is available, and those who prefer to sit on the grass can also bring a blanket. Drinks may also need to be brought along, depending on your preference. In case of bad weather, the concert has to be cancelled.

Due to the Corona pandemic the number of guests is limited to 80. Therefor a registration is necessary with: marina.hoffmann@uni-bielefeld.de .