Public Film Screening

THE FIRE WITHIN (2022) - Werner Herzog

Date: 23 November 2022, 19:15
in the context of the cooperation group
"Volcanoes, Climate and History"

THE FIRE WITHIN (2022) is Werner Herzog's latest documentary film about Katia and Maurice Krafft. They were geologists and filmmakers who spent their lives chasing volcanoes. They were ultimately consumed by their passion, killed while trying to film pyroclastic flows on Unzen volcano in Japan. THE FIRE WITHIN draws almost entirely on their film archive, and interrogates the igneous arc of their work and obsession. The Kraffts' remarkable footage reveals raw nature run amok and the complex relationship between human society and restless volcanoes, a theme explored in the longue durée by the ZiF Cooperation Group 'Volcanoes, Climate and History'.

Volcanologist and filmmaker Clive Oppenheimer (University of Cambridge), who also shot two documentaries with Werner Herzog, will give an introduction to the film preceding the screening.

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