Circle of Friends and Donors of the ZiF

Scientific research strongly depends upon a constructive atmosphere for work, a suitable infra-structure, sufficient financial backing and personalities leading in the field of research; first of all, however, personal support and interest on a private level is needed, so that small unbureaucratic services become possible that make fellows feel that they are more than simply guests at the ZiF.

The Circle of the Friends and Donors of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) e. V. was founded to be a non-profit making body to maintain and consolidate ZiF's importance as a supraregional research institution and international meeting place of science. Moreover, the Friends and Donors offer a platform to former fellows, academic organisers and those interested in the work at the ZiF who wish to maintain contact and identify themselves with the aims and objectives of the ZiF.

This is to be achieved by

  • giving financial assistance in fulfilling the day-to-day tasks at the ZiF, in particular in those areas where public funds are not—or just to a very limited extent—available
  • maintaining good relations with former fellows
  • consolidating and furthering co-operation with similar institutions engaged in the advancement of research at home and abroad
  • the documentation and dissemination of the results achieved by the ZiF projects
  • intensifying the links between the public and the ZiF, and its scope and method of work.

To achieve this, personal commitment and, of course, funds are required.

If you wish to take an active part in supporting the Circle, please contact the committee. Donations can be made to the bank account:

IBAN: DE32 4805 0161 0043 0104 79
Please send us your address by fax or by email for the receipt.

Or join the Circle and become a member. The minimal annual contribution is 30 € for personal membership and 260 € for institutional memberships and associations. There is also the possibility of a membership for life by making a single contribution of at least ten annual contributions.

Membership fees and donations are tax deductible conforming to German law. If you want to join the Friends and Donors, you can download the membership form as PDF-document provided at the bottom the page.


  • Prof. Dr Helmut Steiner (Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr Holk Cruse (Vice-Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr Wolfgang Prinz
  • Prof. Dr Peter Weingart
  • Dr Manuela Lenzen (Executive Secretary)


Membership form
Circle's statutes—official
German version

Circle's statutes—unofficial
English summary