ZiF Team

Foto Anika Haverig
Managing Director
Foto N. N.
Academic Coordinator, ZiF Art
Foto Gaby Heißenberg
Directorate's Secretary

Foto Daniela Brinkmann
Head of Administration, Budget, General Issues
Foto Elvira Güth
Budget Matters, Travel Reimbursements
Foto Claudia Schunck
Budget Matters, Travel Reimbursements
Foto Katharina Peters
Lodging Management, Procurement

Group and Conference Support
Foto Susanne Fizell
Foto Maren Winkelhage

Foto Reinhilt Dolkemeier

Catering and Cleaning Services
Foto Claudia Schumacher
Foto Ursula Benning-Niermann
Deputy Head
Foto Stefanie Blome
Foto Monika Brinkmann
Foto Ursula Menski
Foto Susanne Winzer
Academic Staff
Foto Nadine Sutmöller
Coordinator of the Research Group
Economic and Legal Challenges in the Advent of Smart Products
Foto Manuela Lenzen
Academic Support of ZiF-Projects

Conference Office
Foto Marina Hoffmann
Foto Trixi Valentin
Foto Alina Braun
Foto Janine Horn
Foto Sonja Törkott

Public Relations
Foto Rebecca Moltmann
Public Relations and Research Communication

IT Administration
Foto Thomas Balls-Thies
IT Administration
Foto Olivia Whelan

Technical Services
Foto Iván Pacheco
House and Conference Technician
Foto Andreas Hellwig-Sellin
Driver, Copying Services, Phone, Office Supplies
Foto Jan Begrich
Foto Lennart Kohls
Foto Nicholas Lenzen
Foto Benjamin Stuhr