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Practitioners in talk

Many ways lead out of the BGHS. But where do pathways lead to after the doctorate? In the winter semester we talk to historians and sociologists who have chosen their profession outside the university.

#1: Peter Scherrer spoke to us about his role as Deputy General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation.

Peter Scherrer at a union demonstration.

Interview with Peter Scherrer

#2: Michael Siedenhans spoke to us about his work as editor-in-chief at TERRITORY Content to Results GmbH.

Michael Siedenhans in an interview with Pelé in 2004.

Interview with Michael Siedenhans

#3: Hans-Walter Schmuhl talked to us about his work as a freelance historian.

Hans Walter Schmuhl at his working space.

Interview with Hans-Walter Schmuhl

#4: Linda Groß talked to us about her work at the Service Center for Young Academics at Bielefeld University.

The homepage of the service center of the University of Bielefeld

Interview with Linda Groß

#5: Karin Werner talked to us about her work as a publisher at Transcript Verlag.

Karin Werner at her working place.

Interview with Karin Werner

#6: Jette Prochnow-Furrer talked with us about her work at the "Forum Migration"

Jette as Doctoral Representative at the inaugural ceremony of the BGHS.

Interview with Jette Prochnow-Furrer

#7: Marie-Christine Heinze talked with us about her work at the "Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient" (CARPO).

Group picture at one of CARPO's bi-annual Development Champions Forum.

Interview with Marie-Christine Heinze

#8: Götz Frommholz talked with us about his work at the "Open Society Foundations".

Götz Frommholz (second from left) at the "Internet Governance Forum" of the United Nations.

Interview with Götz Frommholz

#9: Devrimsel Nergiz spoke to us about her work as managing director of the Federal Immigration and Integration Council.

Devrimsel Nergiz © privat

Interview mit Devrimsel Nergiz

#10: Christoph Karlheim spoke to us about his work as head of the "Innovation & Research" department at the Evangelisches Klinikum Bethel (EvKB).

Christoph Karlheim (second from left) and his colleague Gerrit Eliaß in front of the EvKB's Waldlaboratorium.

Interview with Christoph Karlheim

#11: Christian Möller spoke to us about his work as scientific employee of the foundation "Haus der Geschichte Nordrhein-Westfalen".

Christian Möller (First from right) at the "Parliament Night" of the State Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia in September 2019 © Sara-Marie Demiriz

Interview with Christian Möller

#12: Mirko Petersen spoke to us about his work at the office of university communications at Leuphana Universität Lüneburg.

Mirko Petersen

Interview with Mirko Petersen

#13: Daniela Pollich spoke to us about her work as professor for police science at the University of Applied Sciences for Police and Public Administration in North Rhine-Westphalia in Duisburg.

Daniela Pollich

Interview with Daniela Pollich

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