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Bielefeld Graduate School

in History and Sociology

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Logo der Einrichtung

For Professors

The BGHS offers comprehensive advice on the support of young researchers and supervision.

Applications for Third-Party Funding for Young Researchers

We are happy to offer advice to professors who are planning an application for third-party funding on those aspects that concern the promotion of young researchers. Another service we offer is how to integrate the taught Doctoral Programme and other offers to doctoral researchers from the BGHS into such applications.


The BGHS Office is keen to help professors extend the BGHS's international character. We will be pleased to support you when you are planning to invite a guest lecturer or to set up new cooperations, or when you are expecting PhD students from abroad.

Conflicts in Supervision

The BGHS accepts the responsibility to support both its doctoral researchers and its staff in conflict situations. It will offer impartial assistance in the resolution of conflicts if requested by the parties involved but without fulfilling the function of arbitrator.
In this it will be guided by the principle to support the conflict parties in finding a resolution without however intervening in the supervisory relationship itself. All requests and enquiries will be handled with the greatest confidentiality.

Both doctoral researchers and supervisors can avail themselves of the contact person in the BGHS Office or the "VertrauensdozentIn" (academic liaison). Both persons act exclusively in accordance with the wishes of the person seeking help.


Statement of consent

The form "Statement of Consent" is available here:

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