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Bielefeld Graduate School

in History and Sociology

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Logo der Einrichtung


The BGHS Office is open for all your internal and organizational questions related to the Graduate School. The employees of the office are listed beneath. Please click on a person to see a detailed description of their tasks at the BGHS. Don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to help you.

Please note that all eMail except to the IT-coordinator should be adressed to It will be forwareded to the appropriate person according to the task and availability of the staff.

Dr. Sabine Schäfer
Executive Management +                

Tel +49 (0) 521 106-6520
Room X-B2-247
Office hours on Mo&Tue 10-11am and by arrangement                                 
  • Academic Management of the BGHS

  • Stategic Planning and Development

  • Study Programme and Curriculum

  • Progress Reports

  • Third Party Funding

  • Cooperations and Networking

  • Gender & Diversity

  • Conflict Support
Dr. Ulf Ortmann
Project Coordinator 'Non-university careers for scholars in humanities and social sciences' +                

Tel +49 (0) 521 106-6527
Room X-B2-248; office hours by arrangement                                 
  • Career Consulting for Doctoral Researcher

  • Coordination of practical-work projects

  • Coordination of the mentoring programme to non-university careers

  • Planning and Realisation of Events to Non-University Career Options for Doctoral Researcher

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