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More than 40 professors are available at the BGHS. The following list provides their names in alphabetical order as well as their respective field/s of research . Below, you can find our professors in emeritus status.

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Abendroth, Anja


Anja-Kristin Abendroth is a Junior-Professor for technical and social change within the research unit social structure analysis and social inequalities. Her research interests are organizational inequality regimes, interdependencies of work and personal life and gender inequalities, as well as social inequalities in a societal comparison.

Albert, Mathias


Mathias Albert is Professor of Political Science and Co-Director at the Institute for World Society Studies. His research interests are in the fields of International Relations and World Society Theory, as well as in Youth Studies.

Arlinghaus, Franz-Josef


Franz-Josef Arlinghaus is Professor of Medieval and Early Modern History. His current research fields (with a systemtheoretical approach) are Premodern Urban History, Identity of Towns, Integration of Groups into Towns, the "Individual" in the Premodern Period, Pathos as a mode of communication in the Modern and Premodern Period, History of Law, Media like "lettering" and "rituals/gestures" in the Middle Ages, Sacrality and Space in Royalism.


Bora, Alfons


Alfons Bora is Professor of Sociology. His current research interests and areas of supervision focus on Sociology of Law, Technology Assessment, Sociology of Knowledge and Qualitative Methods.


Daphi, Priska


Priska Daphi is Professor of Conflict Sociology. Her research explores intra-societal conflicts in the context of globalization and migration with a focus on empirical studies of political participation, civil society, social movements and protest.

Diewald-Kerkmann, Gisela

Gisela Diewald-Kerkmann is Professor of History with special emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries. Her research objects and areas of supervision are History of National Socialism, History of Political Violence of the 19th and 20th centuries, Law History after 1945 and Historical Research on Terrorism.


Diewald, Martin


Martin Diewald is Professor of Sociology and Social Structural Research at the Department of Sociology. His current research interests and preferred areas of supervision are Life Course Research, Social Networks and the Family, Social Inequalities, Job Careers and the Labour Market, as well as the Transformation of former Socialist Countries.


Epple, Angelika


Angelika Epple is Professor of General History with special regard for the 19th and 20th centuries. Her current research fields are History of Globalisaton, History of Histography, Theory of History, History of Food and History of Technology.

Esposito, Elena


Elena Esposito is Professor of Sociology and its interdisciplinary networking (Soziologie und ihre interdisziplinäre Vernetzung). She works with the theory of social systems especially on issues related with the social management of time, including memory and forgetting, fashion and transience, probability calculus, fiction and the use the time in finance. Her current research focus on a sociology of algorithms, on the possibility and forms of forgetting on the web and on the proliferation of rankings and ratings for the management of information.


Faist, Thomas


Thomas Faist is Professor for the Sociology of Transnationalization, Migration and Development. His research and areas of supervision are international migration, the transnational social question, climate change & mobilities, citizenship and the global South.

Flüchter, Antje


Antje Flüchter is Professor of Early Modern History. Her current research interests are transculturality / global history , with an emphasis on the European-Asian relationship, mission and piety history, era of denomination, pre-modern sate-formation, history of civilization concerning politics, theory of history and gender history.

Flügel-Martinsen, Oliver


Oliver Flügel-Martinsen is Professor of Political Theory and History of Political Thought. His main research fields are: Philosophy and Theory of Modernity, Philosophy and Theory of Social Sciences, Theories of the Political, Democratic Theory, Contemporary French Philosophy and Social Theory, and Post-Marxist Critical Social Theory.


Gilcher-Holtey, Ingrid


Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey is Professor of General History with special regard for Contemporary History. Her main fields of reserach are Intellectual History, Comparative Analysis of the '68 Movement in Europe and in the USA, literature and politics of the 20th Century and Bertold Brecht in the divided Germany.

Grave, Johannes


Johannes Grave is Professor for Historical Image Studies and Art History. His research focuses on art and aesthetics around 1800, Italian Renaissance painting and questions of image theory as well. He is especially interested in studies dealing with the 'power' of images and with the relationship of image, time and history.


Hagedorn, Udo


Udo Hagedorn is professor of social sciences education. Focus of his research is the design of an integrative approach of social science education, the effects of multiple, interacting demands from society, economy and private life on social science lessons as well as the epistemic construction of social science subject matter and professional, educational action.

Harders, Ann-Cathrin


Ann-Cathrin Harders is "Juniorprofessorin" (assistant professor) of Ancient History. Her research interests are families and family structures in antiquity; historical anthropology and gender studies; the social history of the Roman Republic and the early Imperial era as well as the Hellenistic monarchy.

Hedtke, Reinhold


Reinhold Hedtke is Professor of Didactics of Social Science and Economic Sociology, Department of Sociology. Currently, his research interests are Theory of Social Science Education, civic and economic education in Europe and economical theory, especially Market Theory.

Huber, Michael


Michael Huber is Professor of Sociology. His research interests and preferred areas of supervision are Sociology of Regulative Politics, of Organisation, of Risk and of Higher Education.


Kaasch, Alexandra


Alexandra Kaasch is junior professor in transnational social policy. Her research interests are in the field of comparative and global social policy and governance, and global health policy.

Kaltmeier, Olaf


Olaf Kaltmeier is "Juniorprofessor" (assistant professor) of Transnational History of the Americas. His research interests are transnational history, Cultural Studies, development as well as history of the Americas in the 19th and 20th century.

Kessel, Martina


Martina Kesselis professor for modern history and gender history. Her research areas at the moment are violence and the modern, the world wars, cultural history and gender history/theory.

Kieserling, André


André Kieserling is Professor of General Sociology and Sociological Theory. His research focuses on Sociology of Knowledge, Social Diversity and Interaction.

König, Tomke


Tomke König is Professor of Sociology. Her research focuses on gender, family, social inequality and elites.

Kroh, Martin


Martin Kroh is Professor of Quantitative Methods of Empirical Social Research at the Faculty of Sociology. His current research interest and preferred supervision domain is social and political inequality, political socialization, prejudices and discrimination as well as longitudinal study and survey research.

Kruse, Volker


Volker Kruse is Professor of Theoretical Sociology, his research interest is the History of Sociology and Theory.

Kühl, Stefan


Stefan Kühl is Professor of Organization Sociology. His research interests are Society Theory, Sociology of Interaction, Industrial Sociology, Sociology of Work and Science.


Leisering, Lutz


Lutz Leisering is Professor of Social Policy. His current research interests are International and Comparative Social Policy, theory and history of the Welfare State, policy analysis, social problems and life course research. Prof. Leisering's preferred areas of supervision include global social policy, new Welfare States, especially in East Asia and China and European social policy, especially old-age pensions and social assistance.

Lengersdorf, Diana


Diana Lengersdorf, Professor of Gender Studies and board member of the Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies (IZG). Research interests: masculinity studies, science & technology studies, work and organizational studies, and theories of practice.

Liebig, Stefan


Stefan Liebig is Professor of Social Inequality and Analysis of Social Structures. His research focuses on Empirical Equity Research, Organisation Sociology and Methods of Political Arithmetic.

Lutz, Helga


Helga Lutz is Professor for Art History and Historical Image Studies at the Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology. Her research interest lies in contemporary art (from the perspective of cultural techniques and Actor Network Theory), image-theoretical questions in relation to practises and operations, textile media as well as the relation of art and mimesis.


Mense-Petermann, Ursula


Ursula Mense-Petermann is Professor of Sociology of work and economics. Her research interests are in the globalisation of the economy, in particular the shift in global business strategies (transnationalization); the globalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises and globalisation processes in management. A further research focus is on work and mobility.

Morina, Christina


Christina Morina is Professor of General History with a special focus on contemporary history. She is concerned with the political cultural history of Germany since 1945, especially of the GDR and East Germany, and the social history of National Socialism in an European context. She also deals with questions of historical memory and politics of history in democratic, authoritarian and populist discourses as well as with the political history of ideas of the 19th and 20th centuries.


Pfaff-Czarnecka, Joanna


Joanna Pfaff-Czarnecka is Professor of Social Anthropology. Her current research interests are Political Anthropology and Globalization. In these fields she particularly focuses on Ethnicity in South Asia, Processes of Integration in multireligious western Immigrant Societies, Democratization Processes in subnational contexts and Legal Anthropology (in particular: Human and Minority Rights). Cultural change and intercultural communication are among her further research interests.


Regazzoni, Lisa


Lisa Regazzoni is a professor of the Theory of History. Her current research interests focus on the epistemology of historical remains, the mediality of history, and representational modes of the past. In addition, she deals with issues concerning the study of historical collectives and the constitutive role of skepticisms and beliefs in historical research.

Reinecke, Jost


Jost Reinecke is Professor of Quantitative Methods in Empirical Social Research. His research focuses on Rational-Choice Theories in Social Sciences, especially their theoretical and empirical significance, as well as methodology and applications of classification and structural equation modelling. Other fields of interest are research with Microsociological Theories (e.g. Theory of Planned Behavior), long-term development of youth criminality. He puts particular emphasis on cross-sectional and longitudinal research (e. g. multilevel and growth curve models, dynamic models in continuous time).

Reinhardt, Carsten


Carsten Reinhardt is Professor at the Institute for Science and Technology Studies (IWT). His current research fields are History of Science, History of Technology and Business History, Science Studies and Modern History.

Rohland, Eleonora


Eleonora Rohland is Assistant Professor for Entangled History in the Americas (1600-1850). Her current research interests are in the Spanish and French colonial history of North America and the Caribbean, in environmental and climate history, the history of knowledge, science and technology as well as in insurance history.

Rüther, Andreas


Andreas Rüther is Professor of Medieval and Early Modern History. His current research fields are premodern migration history, new cultural history of politics, comparative regional history, studies on courts in the premodern era, church and town in the later middles ages, monasticsm and orders since the high middle ages.


Sack, Detlef


Detlef Sack is Professor for Comparative Political Sciences and expert for Public Private Partnership.

Schäfer, Heinrich


Heinrich Schäfer is Professor of Systematic Theology and Sociology of Religion. He is currently working on, and enjoys supervising, projects in theory development (Bourdieu); qualitative methods (Bourdieu); religion and social inequality; religion and violence; identity politics; Inter-American studies.

Schmuhl, Hans-Walter


Hans-Walter Schmuhl is Professor of Contemporary History (19th/20th century). His current research fields are History of National Socialism, in particular science in the "Third Reich"; Urban History/Urbanisation Research; Genocide Research, Contemporary Church History (Deacrony).

Schulz, Raimund


Raimund Schulz is Professor of Ancient History. His current research fields are problems and chances of an ancient "Global History"; Greek physicians as media of transmediterranean cultural transfer; war as a social and cultural ancient phenomenon, images of space and creating of myths in the context of migration and expansion.

Schuster, Peter


Peter Schuster is professor of history in the late Middle Ages and early modern era. His research foci are on historical criminology, the semantics and practices of systems of social relations, the formation of dynasties among aristocracy and nobility, the image of the Middle Ages in the modern period and the staging of politics in the pre-modern era.

Schützeichel, Rainer


Rainer Schützeichel is Professor of Sociology and works primarily in the fields of sociological theory, theory of science, historical sociology, sociology of religion, profession and economics.

Straßheim, Holger


Holger Strassheim is Professor of Political Sociology. His work centers on public policy and governance, comparative policy analysis (with a focus on employment policy and welfare, consumer protection, food safety, mobility, energy, environmental and climate policy), organizations and networks and the role of time in politics. A substantive research area includes the interlinkages between science and politics in world society, the historical change of expertise and policy advice and the influence of economic discourses on social regulation.

Steinmetz, Willibald


Willibald Steinmetz is Professor of Modern Political History at the Department of History. His current research interests are Modern and Contemporary Political History and also British History. His preferred areas of supervision are Historical Semantics and Discourse Analysis, Contemporary Political History, as well as Comparative Legal and Social History.

Sutter, Tilmann


Tilmann Sutter is Professor of Media Sociology. Besides Media Sociology, his research focuses on Socialization Theories, Sociological Theories, Methodology and Sociology of Morality.


Tacke, Veronika


Veronika Tacke is Professor of Organisational Sociology. Her preferred areas of supervision are Sociology of Economics, Employment, Labour, as well as globalisation of risk, network research and theory of society.


Vasilache, Andreas


Andreas Vasilache is Professor for European Studies. His research interets include Social Theory and Theory of Society, International Relations and European Studies as well as Theory of Science, Methods and Theory of Justice.


Walter, Uwe


Uwe Walter is Professor of Ancient History. His current research projects are History of Greece in the Archaic and Classical Period, History and Culture of the Roman Republic, Ancient Historiography.

Weinhauer, Klaus


Klaus Weinhauer is professor for the history of the 19th and 20th centuries. Mainly employing comparative and transnational perspectives his research focues on the history of the state, urban history, history of violence, crime, protest and social movements, on labour history and on the history of knowledge.

Welskopp, Thomas


Thomas Welskopp is Professor of History of Modern Societies at the Department of History. His current research interests are comparative History of Capitalism, Industry, and Labour and Industrial Relations. His preferred areas of supervision are the History of Social Movements, Political Culture, and Political Institutions. Possible areas of supervision are also Historiography, Theoretical Problems in History and Social Theory, as well as North American History.

Winkel, Heidemarie


Heidemarie Winkel is Professor of Sociology . Her research interests lie in the field of gender sociology and the sociology of religion; In addition, she is interested in Arab societies and trans- and intercultural communication . Theoretically, she is connected to the interpretive paradigm. In empirical terms she is in accordance with qualitative methods.


Zick, Andreas


Andreas Zick is Professor for Socialization and Conflict Research at the Faculty of Education Science at Bielefeld University. He is also a member of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence (IKG). His current research interests concentrate on group-focused enmity and processes of acculturation.


This is a list of professors who are still supervising dissertation projects within the BGHS, but due to their given emeritus status, they will not supervise any new doctoral researchers.

Abelshauser, Werner


Werner Abelshauser is Professor emer. of Economic and Social History. The chair of General and Economic History is responsible for teaching the History of the Modern and Early Modern Age (14th-19th centuries) and the Postmodern Era (20th and 21st centuries). His research focuses primarily on Economic Developments of the late 19th century and on their consequences for the German and, more broadly, the European Economy.

Bergmann, Jörg


Jörg Bergmann is Professor emer. of Qualitative Methods of Empirical Social Research. His current research interests and preferred areas of supervision are Professional Interaction, Psychotherapeutic Interaction, Media and Interaction, Interaction in High-Risk Environments, technologically mediated Communication, Human-Robot-Interaction, Disaster and Emergency Communication and Global Micro-Structures.

Bulst, Neithard


Neithard Bulst is Professor emer. of Medieval and Early Modern History (1000-1600) with a focus on Social History, History of Law, Demography, Medical Condition and Society (especially Holy Roman Empire and France).

Geissler, Birgit


Birgit Geissler is Professor of Social Sciences, especially Sociology of Work. Her research focuses on restructuring the relation of public and private as well as on gender perspectives on life course politics (biography) and planning.

Haupt, Heinz-Gerhard


Heinz-Gerhard Haupt is Professor of Social History and Political History of Modern Europe, Methodology of Comparative History. His current research projects are: History of Political Violence in 19th and 20th century-Europe, History of Consumption in 19th and 20th century Europe, History of Social Movements and Classes: The First of May in Europe after 1945, Comparative History of European Nationalism: Nation and Religion in 19th and 20th century.

Japp, Klaus Peter


Klaus Peter Japp is Professor emer. of Political Communication and Risk Sociology. His research interests are System Theory, risk and rationality in social movements and political organizations.

Meier, Ulrich


Ulrich Meier is Professor of Medieval History. His current research interests are Italian and German Urban History; Medival and Early Modern Political History / Historical Semantics; Political Iconography; Regional History of Estern Westphalia.

Merl, Stephan


Stephan Merl is Professor of East European Studies. His current research fields are Sovietisation and Destalinisation in Eastern Europe; comparison of National Socialism and Stalinism ; History of Consumption in Eastern Europe; Political Communication in the Tsardom and in the Soviet Union; Agriculture in the process of industrialization of Russia and the Soviet Union; Bourgeoisie and Civil Society in Russia before the First World War.

Müller, Ursula


Ursula Müller is Professor emer. of Social Scientific Research form a Gender Perspective. She is director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Woman and Gender Studies (IFF). Her research interests include theory and methodology of gender questions, gender and organizations (police, universities, leadership questions), women in society and at work. Other fields of interest are men and masculinity in international perspective, violence and new media in Gender Studies.

Oechsle, Mechtild


Mechtild Oechsle is Professor of Social Sciences, Vocational Orientation, Working World and Gender Research. Her research interests and preferred areas of supervision include vocational orientation and career paths, in particular of secondary school students, time management and work-life balance. Her particular focus is on gender questions.

Radkau, Joachim


Joachim Radkau is Professor emer. of History of Technology and Environmental History. His main fields of research are the History of Mentality and Max Weber.

Suter, Andreas


Andreas Suter is Professor of Early Modern History. His current research fields are the Study of Social and Political Movements, Corruption, History of Anthropology, Political Participation, Theory of Science of History.

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