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Logo der Einrichtung

Representation of Interests

Doctoral representatives are there for the concerns of the young researchers. Since the BGHS lays a great emphasis on its members' participation, the doctoral researchers choose their representatives among themselves. These are:

  • A Doctoral Researcher in history and a Doctoral Researcher in sociology for the "Doctoral Programme"
In addition, there are two representatives for each of the two areas :
  • Internationals
  • Social and Cultural Affairs
The office term of the elected doctoral representatives is one year.

Doctoral representatives "Doctoral Programme"

The doctoral representatives for the "Doctoral Programme" are the main contact persons for all doctoral researchers of the BGHS. They represent the interests of the doctoral researchers, attend the meetings of the Executive Board, participate in the selection of fellows, mediate conflicts etc. The present representatives for the "Doctoral Programme" are:

Sebastian Schlerka (Sociology)
Daniele Toro (History)

Doctoral representatives "Internationals"

The doctoral representatives for the "Internationals" are contact persons for international doctoral researchers and fellows, who introduce them to the BGHS; they accompany and advise the newcomers, as well facilitate their entry into university life in Bielefeld. The present representatives for the "Internationals" are:

Georg Kessler (Sociology)
Filip Vukusa (History)

Doctoral representatives "Social and Cultural Affairs"

The doctoral representatives in the field of "Social and Cultural Affairs" are contact persons for social and cultural events at BGHS. Their task is to bring the BGHS members together, to plan joint activities, to perform and help shape the social and cultural life at the BGHS. The present representatives for the "Social and Cultural Affairs" are:

Abel Yonas Zekarias (Sociology)
Olga Olkheft (History)

Guidelines of Representation

Guidelines of Representation

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