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Bielefeld Graduate School

in History and Sociology

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Logo der Einrichtung

Bottom-up Approach

The BGHS sees itself as an international learning community, in which doctoral researchers think not only about their themes as narrowly defined, but also about the nature of their disciplines, and enter into an exchange of ideas across disciplinary boundaries.

Student Initiative

The BGHS counts in its academic work on the doctoral researchers' initiative and commitment, and promotes a culture of creative and self-determined study. Various factors listed below contribute to this aspect:

Contributing Variety and Heterogeneity

The BGHS is home to a wide range of students who pursue their studies under different sets of conditions:
  • Holders of positions within the BGHS
  • Recipients of grants
  • Members of graduate schools and collaborative research centres
  • Junior academic staff in research projects or attached to departments
  • Young researchers who finance their PhD studies on their own

Despite the great differences in the way they lead their lives and carry out their work, all doctoral researchers have equal access to offers of study, support and counselling services of the BGHS irrespective of the sources of their funding. The School welcomes ideas and suggestions from all its students, indeed it depends on its members for the further development of its academic programmes.

In implementing a bottom-up approach in this way, the BGHS provides it students with the chance to develop into intellectually demanding, independent and communicative researchers. All members of the BGHS community - whether doctoral researchers, professors from history and sociology, or members of the BGHS office - are invited to make every effort to contribute to this joint undertaking.

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